Essay Example. Safety and Communication

Published: 2023-05-02
Essay Example. Safety and Communication
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Teamwork implies a sagacity of unity, responsibilities, and shared interests' enthusiasm as developed among people closely connected with cause, task, enterprise many more. Cooperation can be combined with two compounds essential to modern life. Teamwork encourages people to stay together, and it is a bond that enhances reliability, unit, reliability, and support. It is said to as the oil making the teamwork to perform their roles effectively. It makes it easy for a company to have a smoother movement on the side of the target, and the company ca prolong towards moments, hence enabling the team to overcome obstacles. This paper discusses the need for teamwork in the working place as well as how SBAR is used.

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Teamwork provides different perspectives, along with feedback. A good structure for teamwork offers the organization a variety of perspectives, thoughts, opportunities, creativity, as well as problem-solving approaches (Jordan, 2009). A suitable team environment permits people to brainstorm cooperatively, which intern enhances their success to solve problems as well as arriving at solutions merely effectively and efficiently.

Secondly, it offers excellent learning opportunities by enabling the individual to learn from one another. Through this, it becomes possible for the individual in an organization to avoid the errors that may occur in the future, gain insight from varying perspectives, as well as learn vital concepts from people who are more experienced (Jordan, 2009). Furthermore, it becomes possible for the people in the team to expand their set of skills, and discover new ideas from new members, hence asserting more productive approaches as well as solutions in the present task.

Moreover, it promotes synergy in the workplace. Mutual support shared cooperation, goals, as well as encouragement offer workplace synergy. As a result, team members feel a more significant accomplishment sense, become collectively accountable for the final results achieved as well as feed people with the inducement to achieve at higher levels. In this case, SBAR helps nurses with operative communication (Wehbe, 2017). Example of an SBAR, "This is Johnson, a registered foster in the Ward of Nightingale. I am calling to inform you that LK in room 304 is currently experiencing sudden shortness of breath, where her saturation for oxygen has gone down to 88% on room air. I have found her seizing in her bed and after carrying out some tests, I have found that her rate of respiration is 24/minute, her blood pressure is reading 85/80, and her heart frequency is 110."

In conclusion, teamwork brings great things to the organization. Many employers encourage their employees to work in teams because they are aware of their effectiveness. Teamwork enables workers to learn new things, acquire new skills, have the ability to problem-solving, and do many other things for the benefit of the organization.


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