Free Essay Sample: Communication Styles and Interpersonal Skills

Published: 2022-06-20
Free Essay Sample: Communication Styles and Interpersonal Skills
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Communication styles

Although communication requires an interpersonal relationship that is presumed by an individual or group of persons, the style or techniques we use to pass our message to others matters a lot on how they will receive the information. Some of the primary or secondary communication techniques we presume to impact the people we are disseminating information to be it our friends, patients colleagues or supervisors. The four primary communication styles include passive, passive-aggressive, aggressive, and assertive. Assertive communication styles are often more appealing in a nurse's communication skills because it helps one make their position about any subject matter known. Although not all times that a person using assertive communication styles gets their way in everything they perceive, they are able to put across their voice in the subjects that require their attention (Hanke, 2009). For instance, when communicating with patients, nurses are able to communicate their position on a subject while still protecting the opinion and rights of the patients. In other cases, some nurses would apply passive aggressive communication styles to dominate a conversation between them and their friends by being impulsive while posing to be polite. In many instances, nurses will tend to presume passive communication styles when addressing their supervisors or superiors. The adoption of these different communication skills based on the individual being addressing the impact the way information is passed from one person to another and reserving the rights and opinion of the communicator and the information recipient.

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In response to my classmate's post, the information on the communication styles forms insightful exploration of the assertive communication skills adopted in reflect Dr. Jinnie Cristema's recommendations. The manner in which the students exemplifies the different scenarios of application of assertive communication skills at a workplace environment makes it clear for third-party readers to understand the concept of communicating openly speaking one's mind but protecting their rights as well as that of the other person. Using demonstrated examples of emotionally attached communication helps individuals communicate their open mind without compromising their rights, and dignity and that of other people, making assertive communication skills the most appealing technique of communication to other people regardless of their attachment to us.

Interpersonal skills

Interpersonal relationship between colleagues working together needs to create a conducive and adaptable environment to ensure that they do not trample over each other's feelings and rights when working. Expertise and abilities are not the only essential characteristic necessary for an effective workman, however, every individual is entitled to possess proper interpersonal skills to relate to others in a workplace. Any nurse will function their duties effectively not only be being familiar with their responsibility in their clinical duties but also the self-managing, self-actualization, and self-awareness on their emotional control to help manage conflicting interests with other colleagues (Beenen & Pichler, 2016). On another hand, at times when exceptional cases happen when a very competent nurse has very poor interpersonal skills, its necessary to develop workable mechanisms to deal with his or her temper and attitude. Simple gestures like appreciation and recognition of the weakness of one of the colleagues with interpersonal skills concerns help develop better conflict management abilities/skills. For instance when working with a very swift nurse who is very confident with her roles in the health facilities but, have very short temper its essential as her colleague to help her overcome the frequency of evoking anger to ensure a functional working condition.

On my classmate's response its evident to note how the post intertwined interpersonal skills with the establishment of teamwork among nurses working together. Establishing teamwork among the medics working together in a health facility will help compliment individual vices to bring out the best of all members of the team. Working together for a common goal helps realize set objectives ineffective and functional ways overpowering minor obstacles attributed to interpersonal concerns. The interaction of relationship skills and professionalism requires safe and conducive working conditions to administer functionality among colleagues. The uncountable experience of unknowingly hinder effective working condition reduces nurses' functionality in their workstations.

Website response

The resources and tools recommended by the American Nurses Association help to protect nurses to solve work-related conflict recommending the workable advocacy, resources, and policy. Adaption of the resources and tools recommended on the website in the facility will help improve healthy, safe, and nurture a respectful working environment for all. Integrating the American Nurses Association policy will help improve and motivate nurses in the facility maintain positive and improved working situation. The nurses will be able to prioritize the working as a team to ensure that everyone is able to avoid burying, violence and incivility among colleagues. Therefore, borrowing the resources and tool will improve the working conditions of the facility.


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