Free Esay: Why I Would Like to Become a Student of the Cardiovascular Perfusion Program

Published: 2022-07-13
Free Esay: Why I Would Like to Become a Student of the Cardiovascular Perfusion Program
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Studying heart-related problems has been my dream since my early ages in school. I developed the urge to learn about heart. I developed the interest after my elder brother fell ill and could not find a doctor to treat him at our local hospital. My parents had to struggle to find means to take him to a hospital in the city to be treated. I witnessed the medical procedures that were conducted on him and I was scared all the time of his survival. I had a strong urge to do something but I could not because I was just a child. Beyond my brother, I have also witnessed many people from my locality being taken to hospitals far away to find treatment for their heart diseases and it has always reminded me of the experience with my brother. For this reason, I have always sought to be a medic to help save lives and alleviate the suffering of people.

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Cardiovascular perfusion is one of the small professions in the medical industry in the US with only 16 perfusion education programs at the universities (Sistino, 2014). Attending a post-baccalaureate program is one of the ways in which a person can gain entry into the profession. I have an interest in your program as it will prepare and lay a foundation to get into the perfusions profession, which is my career of desire.

Cleveland heart and the vascular institute is one of the largest cardiovascular institute and clinic. With the number of patients that seek help from this clinic, the institution has experienced staff who help nurture students to grow in their career (Cleveland Clinic, 2018). Certificate programs in Cardiovascular Perfusion provide an excellent experience in clinical education. However, many clinics lack the right resources for an optimal learning experience (Sistino, 2014). After a little research I conducted about the Institute online, I realized that Cleveland clinic is well equipped and full of resources that will help me developed a deeper experience in cardiovascular perfusion. Further, through the participation at the scientific presentations made at the national perfusion conferences, I am assured of getting quality education and experience towards my practice as a perfusionist, which will diversify my bachelor's education.

According to Sistino's (2014) study, there is a rising demand for cardiac-related health services due to the changing demographic characteristics. This means that more perfusionists will be required to help in the increasing need for surgery. Further, with an advancement in the technology of cardiac devices, I look forward to equipping myself with the right and relevant knowledge that will enable me to provide quality services to patients.

Also, I am looking forward to securing a chance at one of the universities here in the US for a second degree. My aim is to advance on the vascular diseases and become a renowned cardiologist. Getting a chance at your institution will help me in this transition of getting into the university for further studies. Your program will help me develop an evidence-based medicine knowledge in preparation for my second degree. With the research-based education at the university, studying at your institution will make an all-around person ready to excel in the perfusionist profession.

To me, studying this course will be a dream come true. Further, giving back to my community is the main motivator for seeking admission to this program. After the program, I will seek for an engagement in the vascular clinics to help in the surgeries of patient s with heart diseases. While at the program, I will do my best to get the most out of your institution. I have prepared myself psychologically to undergo the training and come out as a qualified perfusionist.


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