Report on Navigating Racism in Sports: Insights and Solutions from Diverse Perspectives

Published: 2024-01-22
Report on Navigating Racism in Sports: Insights and Solutions from Diverse Perspectives
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Melfi- Alrasheedi, D., & Al Murshidi, G. Tolerance in Sports: An Overview.

In the article, the author discusses the greater fight against racism in the recent past; the document outlines how the relevant football authorities can ensure that the formulated rules are against racist or racism. Soccer today is used to embrace peace (Melfi- Alrasheedi et al., n.d). For instance, it provides a platform whereby each sportsperson can showcase and promote their own culture (Melfi- Alrasheedi et al., n.d). The article highlights how sports can be used as a tool for promoting peace and unity. Again, through soccer games, there is the creation of awareness or education concerning matters of racism. Additionally, soccer teaches one to be tolerant and accommodate one another depending on their culture and beliefs.

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Gopal, D. P., Waqar, S., Silverwood, V., Mulla, E., & Dada, O. (2020). Race and racism: are we too comfortable with comfort? BJGP open

The article examines how blacks are discriminated against while in need of various services and how people are reluctant to advocate against racial discrimination. Even in soccer, blacks are discriminated against, for example, when selecting people to play for the national teams (Gopal et al., 2020). In some scenarios, the best players are left out because of racial discrimination. Some of the services include health services and other essential services. Today the issue of racism still exists among us even after the move to make sure racial discrimination is eliminated. After the recent killing of George Floyd, most people took the problem seriously (Glopal et al., 2020). Many blacks are the major victims of racial discrimination in the US.

Gutsche Jr, R. E., Cong, X., Pan, F., Sun, Y., & DeLoach, L. (2020). # Diminishing Discrimination: The symbolic annihilation of race and racism in news hashtags of 'calling 911 on Black people'. Journalism, 1464884920919279.

Racism is sometimes presented by some differentiated symbols to ensure racism is not recognized. In the US, some whites make calls symbolizing their information to discriminate against whites (Gutsche et al., 2020). The article examines how racism can sometimes be symbolized even in soccer games. For instance, the players can use some signs and symbols which promote racism. The relevant authorities in charge of the fight against racism should identify these signs and take action against these people. The relevant authority can ensure racial discrimination is completely eliminated more so, in the soccer games.

Sujarwo, M., Suharjana, M., & Rachman, H. A. (2018, December). Sports Achievement Issues: Professionalism, Policy, Racism, Cheating, Abuse, Doping, Gender. In 2nd Yogyakarta International Seminar on Health, Physical Education, and Sport Science (YISHPESS 2018) and 1st Conference on Interdisciplinary Approach in Sports (CoIS 2018). Atlantis Press.

Sujarwo discusses the issue of professionalism among sportspeople. Professionalism ensures that sports people are mature enough to respect each other's beliefs and culture. Through professionalism, some of the issues like racism, cheating, and other unacceptable issues in sports are resolved. Again, professionalism is lacking in some sports, for example, in some soccer competitions. Therefore, when professionalism is upheld (Sujarwo et al., 2018), the issues of racism will be eliminated. Nobody will be discriminated against depending on skin, beliefs, and culture. Hence, professionalism is the key to ensuring every individual does the right thing while participating in sports by respecting one another.

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