Report Example on Economic Growth in Saudi Arabia

Published: 2022-11-07
Report Example on Economic Growth in Saudi Arabia
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The General Assembly,

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Bearing in mind that the technology bank was operationalized in an effort to strengthen the science, technology and innovation capacity of the staggering 47 poorly developed nations to achieve a development target in line with the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development principle of not leaving anyone behind,

Guided by a resolution on Environment and Health by the pollution and health unit, UNEA3 which calls for a collaborative action on integrated environment and health methodologies and addresses the crucial issues and linkages between the environment and health among the member countries,

Affirming that a report by the Ocean Conservancy in 2017 indicates that despite not being only an Asian problem, plastics have been one sliver of the massive pollution problem in Asia with countries such as Thailand, China, Saudi Arabia and Philippines dumping more hazardous wastes into the oceans than the combined effort of the rest of the world population,

Reaffirming that according to the UN report on Saudi Arabia between the years 2000 and 2018, the economy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the top twenty economies in the world which can be attributed oil and a significant public expenditure; however, the economic growth has not been adequate in reducing the unemployment rates among the Saudi nationals, which indicates an inverse relationship between the economic growth in Saudi Arabia and the unemployment rates.

Calls upon all members to facilitate the launching of the Technology Bank in Saudi Arabia to help strengthen the science, technology and innovation thereby giving the country a better access to intellectual property which is crucial in fostering the development of Saudi's innovation ecosystems, therefore attracting foreign technology while generating hometown research and international integration ;

Requests all member states to establish a national guest worker in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia that will help dealing with ecosystem disruption, unhealthy and wasteful lifestyles, unplanned urbanization and the climatic change through:

  • Detoxification and removal of harmful substances from the environment,
  • Decarbonization and continual use of the renewable products,
  • Changing lifestyles and insisting on the use of decoupling resources,
  • Protecting natural systems and promoting ecosystem resilience,
  • Reducing pressure from the production of livestock products,
  • Encouraging ecosystem restoration;

Requests for the information institutions, particularly within Saudi Arabia which informs on the huge varieties of plastic alternatives that have already sprung up in member countries' food industries which include:

  • Growing sustainable packaging through Mycofoam,
  • Adopting milk in the manufacturing of textiles to eliminate the use of petroleum-based forms,
  • Adopting the use edible cutleries such as spoons and plates made from sorghum,
  • Creating a leather alternative that is produced from pineapple fiber as an alternative to artificial leather made from unsustainable plastics;

Recommends that member states assist the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its endeavor to combat unbalanced economic growth through:

  • Creation of over one million private sector jobs in an effort to reduce unemployment,
  • Building King Abdullah Economic City which is intended to be business friendly and estimated to be around $100 billion,
  • Partly privatizing its state-owned oil company to raise enough money needed to realize an economic transformation plan and life after oil;

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