Religion vs Science: A Debate of Beliefs & Concepts - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-15
Religion vs Science: A Debate of Beliefs & Concepts - Essay Sample
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The relationship that exists between religion and science has been subject to a huge debate in theology and philosophy as well as in contemporary society. There are critical questions regarding whether religion and science are compatible, and whether religious beliefs can be conducive to science. It should be noted that the conflict that exists between religion and science can be considered to be what naturally takes place within peoples’ minds regarding their concept and belief. In a majority of the people, there is a distress that takes place between the zeal of truth and the sense of the important issues within the sensitive human minds. As noted by Anglican Priest John Polkinghorne, the question of truth should be considered to be central to the religious concern as it is in science (Nelson & Giberson, 2011). It should be noted that religious beliefs can guide a person in life or strengthen the approach towards death. However, unless it is and true, neither the things done would matter. This implies that the conflict between science and religion rests on the methods and approaches of finding and arguing the truth of nature.

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As contrasted with the approaches in science, religion tends to adjudicate the truth through dogma, scripture, and authority. This implies that religion adjudicates truth via faith, with evidence of things that cannot be seen. On the contrary, science beliefs in evidence of anything to establish the truth. In religion, faith without the evidence of existence is a virtue, while in science, it is a vice. Having read the story of doubting Thomas in the Bible, Jesus accused Thomas of not having faith even if he had been with Jesus and knew His ability for long. Jesus rebuked him that blessed are the ones who believed although they had not seen or did not have evidence of Jesus’ resurrection. However, such beliefs are opposed in science as without evidence, then there cannot be scientific proof that can be relied on. Additionally, religion has struggled to explain the nature of humans regarding their existence, the creation theory, and the origin of things, especially the creation story in Christianity. Although there is no proof, religion requires humans to just believe. On the contrary, science has worked to prove the existence of beings with numerous theories being proposed and studied. In this regard, a clear conflict between the two can be established.

Classmate 1 Response

The first classmate indicated that while religion and science conflict for many people, it does not apply to him. The experiences and personal beliefs of the classmate do not conflict. However, his illustration shows that there is indeed a conflict that exists between religion and science. Although he indicates that science has taught him a lot of theories and equations that can be proved, some fallacies cannot be proved in religion, which requires the act of faith. However, it is important to point out that this faith does not include faith in science as they contradict in various aspects like creation and the origin of things.

Classmate 2 Response

The second classmate does not think that religion is in conflict with science. According to the classmate, matters faith and facts depicted in religion and science are just the means that humans try to understand the world. While some people tend to investigate the answers, others just believe. However, the classmate failed to give a specific scenario and provide the viewpoint from both a religious and a scientific perspective. The classmate goes ahead to give contradicting pieces of evidence regarding angels in religion and aliens in science, which would further illustrate the conflict that exists between the two viewpoints.


Nelson, D., & Giberson, K. (2011). Quantum leap: How John Polkinghorne found God in science and religion. Oxford: Monarch Books.

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