Refine Effective Communication. Free Essay

Published: 2023-10-16
Refine Effective Communication. Free Essay
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Communication affects the way people develop relationships with others. Effective communication requires a person to be culturally competent to avoid creating bias. Also, the approach used must be similar to what the audience uses to receive the message more positively. A person's writing is influenced by the culture in which they are nurtured. For instance, Sonia Sotomayor admits that her first language, Spanish influenced her way of communicating in English through writing (LSAC Diversity, 2009). According to her experiences, it is possible to improve personal writing by reflecting on others' approaches within the same context. In the field of law, individuals are expected to communicate in a certain way.

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At first, Sonia did not see herself as being part of a minority group in a culturally diverse environment (LSAC Diversity, 2009). She did not see a world where she could be limited. This perception can cause bias in communication. Also, during her years in college, she had a problem with writing in English. This hinders effective communication as the audience will not be able to comprehend what is written. She noted that she needed to improve her writing and sentence structures. Without the influence of her first language, she improved her communication by learning sentence structures and the correct English grammar.

In the second video assigned for this assignment, Ron Mead highlights his writing experiences with college students. From his speech, he shows that there is a possibility for one to refine and improve their written work (Mead, 2013). He received written assignments from students and created comments highlighting the grammar mistakes that they had made in their writing. The student would then learn these mistakes and correct them on their own. Mead shows the importance of allowing people to refine their work by making them understand their mistakes. This improves their writing skills by ensuring that they avoid such writing mistakes in the future.

Mead also highlights the challenges to effective communication through writing. College students always have problems with their writing because they were not taught the grammar principles in their high schools. High school teachers lack the knowledge of the principles and are unable to correct the mistakes made by their students (Mead, 2013). The other challenge identified in the talk is the influence of informal writing. Mead shows how informal writing can significantly impact formal standards of writing (Mead, 2013). However, he reveals the possibility of improving writing by exposing learners to experts in the field. Learning institutions can achieve this by inviting learners to hear talks from professionals (Mead, 2013).

In the third video, John Roberts talks about legal writing. He identifies language as the central tool of human activities (Courtpoint, 2008). Professionals working within the legal system need to be careful about how they use their language to deliver their services more effectively. Lawyers devote their energy towards refining their written work to ensure that they send the message intended. Bad writing in legal matters can send negative messages and cause lousy judgment about the issues to be handled (Courtpoint, 2008). It is possible to avoid mistakes in their writing by preparing a draft that will be used to produce a final copy presenting the topic. Refining the work will enhance communication and indicate that the lawyer or the judge presenting the matter has a good understanding of it. The writing by legal professionals communicate interpretations of the law. Ensuring that the writing is delivered effectively benefits the community by educating them about the law.


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