Free Essay Example - Becoming a Nurse Practitioner

Published: 2023-02-08
Free Essay Example - Becoming a Nurse Practitioner
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Every little child has high expectations for what they desire to be when they grow up. For me, nursing was a natural choice. At some point in my childhood, I went through surgery. Initially, I was nervous and overwhelmed because I was all alone. The nurse on duty that day did a great job of calming and taking care of me. The nurse promised that she would be with me every step of the way until I recovered. Her kindness was very touching and influential to me and at that point, I decided to become a nurse practitioner. I desired to help patients more thoroughly especially in their early stages of diagnosis. I want to be a nurse practitioner so that I can take care of patients until they recover and avoid situations where they become sicker and sicker due to neglect.

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I desire to further my education and become more successful. I have reached a point in my life where I am ready to become a nurse practitioner to attain more nursing opportunities in the nursing field. My desire has been motivated by the fact that I am a single mother with a daughter. My goal is to become prosperous in this field so that I can provide for my daughter and ensure that she has a bright future. I also want to be her role model and show her that hard work and determination can enable a person to achieve their dream. In addition, I believe that patients cannot be cured without understating their medical history and their current situations. Nurse practitioner programs focus on an individual as the context of care. This way, I intend to educate the patients on the preventative measures in medical care.

I am also embarking on a career as a nurse practitioner because I understand the profession and believe that I have what it takes to improve the quality of care. I understand that a nurse practitioner serves an exceptional role in the medical care system, as a person who creates long-term relationships with patients and who observes patients success within the wider setting of the community. As a young and motivated woman, I feel as though I can heal the world by becoming a nurse practitioner. I have always desired to provide primary health care to the people in need. I have observed firsthand the inequalities in health care among various settings (based on economic, ethnic and racial settings). Health care is not a privilege but a right; this means that every person is entitled to quality care. I desire to be a solution to the health care needs of every person regardless of their background.

I feel that a nurse practitioner program will permit me to be a bridge for patients acquiring care and the doctor. I can remain their advocate and help them as a nurse as well as provide them with access to healthcare as a primary care provider who comprehends the universal picture of their needs. During the time I underwent surgery, I viewed nurses as pillars of strength, compassion, and advocacy. After my period of education in nursing, I intend to become the pillars of many of my patients. I seek to advance my education by majoring on primary care and prevention as a nurse practitioner, thus improving the general well-being of individuals particularly in the health care facilities.

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