Admission Essay Sample: University of Pennsylvania Writing Supplement

Published: 2018-02-13
Admission Essay Sample: University of Pennsylvania Writing Supplement
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Finance and management are disciplines that deal with the analysis and planning of financial resources which is a critical pillar in the development of any country. Since my tenth grade have been interested in finance channels and news which I watch through the Bloomberg and CNBC channels which show case up to date news regarding the world of finance and business performance. I became more interested in how the economy works and how financial institutions can regulate capital and currency to maintain value. Furthermore, it was my primary motivator in engaging in a stock simulation game which uses a virtual online stock exchange platform further improving my knowledge in capital markets.

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The basics of financial stock exchange are the pillars of a globalized economy where different countries and companies can sell their stock to the potential investors as a primary avenue to raise capital. My fascination in the financial market through the stock simulation game has encouraged me to pursue a finance and management course at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. Most of the Wall Street Journal editors have graduated from the University Of Pennsylvania Wharton School Of Business. In the tenth grade, I undertook an economic course in which I did well and it encouraged me to pursue finance and management career. An economic course at the tenth grade is a good eye opener in the field of finance and management disciplines.

Apart from playing the stock simulation game which has significantly contributed to my understanding of stock markets and encouraged my further learning, last summer I undertook an internship program with a leading bank in Lebanon. This internship program gave me practical experience and a glimpse on real finance and management. The internship program was intense and comprehensive which ensured that students were exposed to the challenges that were facing banking institutions so that the gap between their knowledge and practical skills was minimized. This exposure created thirst for finance and management knowledge in me which can help improve banking practice and solve key banking problems being faced by Lebanese financial institutions.

I believe that the University of Pennsylvania is strategically placed in the Philadelphia City which has some prominent financial institutions such as the Federal Bank of Philadelphia the Navy Federal Credit Union and Prime Time Funding. These financial institutions provide practical experience to the University of Philadelphia finance and management students by exposing them to real-time case studies which further improve their knowledge and practice of finance management at the University of Philadelphia. Students of Wharton School of Business can acquire internship programs at financial institutions in Philadelphia.

The University of Pennsylvania has outstanding human resources: professors and the institution management. The University of Pennsylvania attracts professors with immense knowledge and experience in finance and management. Most of these professors are editors of economic and financial magazines who have real time knowledge and information on the capital climate locally and globally. The strategic location of the University of Pennsylvania has made it easy for the institution to attract and retain good professors. The faculty of the University of Pennsylvania over the years have established important connections with different financial and management institutions which make it easy for the students to access internship programs and jobs through the professors’ recommendations. The professors of the University of Pennsylvania are aware of the knowledge needs of different financial institutions in Philadelphia and in the world which enables the institution to tailor finance and management courses to meet them.

Wharton School of Business is a renowned business institution that offers credible and practical knowledge and experience in the fields of finance and management. The University of Pennsylvania has made good connections between the Wharton Business School and its Alumni who are the institution ambassadors as well as mentors to the students pursuing finance and management disciplines. The Wharton School of Business Alumni are much disciplined and practice ethical finance and management which makes them appealing to many corporate employers. To further understand finance and management and prepare for a career in the field I have acquired a copy of “The Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World” by Adam Grant who is a professor at Wharton School of Business. In the future, with the knowledge acquired at the University of Pennsylvania, I plan to start my own business which will help create more jobs in Lebanon and lead the country to prosperity.

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