Essay Sample on Recruitment: Finding the Perfect Employee for Your Company

Published: 2023-09-16
Essay Sample on Recruitment: Finding the Perfect Employee for Your Company
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For any employee to get a job at any given organization or company, they are obligated to go through the company's procedures used to recruit a new employee. These recruitments methods are used as a way of understanding what the client is good at and, in some cases, to ease the employer's way of choosing many employees who have applied for a particular vacant. Therefore, every company or organization uses different techniques to recruit employees. These recruitments methods can have positive as well as negative impacts as depicted by five types of companies in this paper.

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Amazon is a company that focuses on e-commerce and based in Seattle. In case they need to get more employees, they prefer the use of social media way for recruitment. It is the lowest way to use it as a way of searching for employees. When the company advertises the quality of the employee they need on social media, most individuals respond to the advert (Black, 2016). It gives the managers a hard time to conclude on who has the best skills for the vacant position they are advertising. Mostly, they end up giving a chance to poorly skilled individuals hence leading to depriving of the company. Besides, using social media as a recruiting method, you are sure that the information will reach many individuals.


ICBC, a multinational banking organization, based in China, has a different way of recruiting the employees. They prefer the talent search recruiting method. It is the best way as a manager to use. It gives the managers an idea in regards to what the employee is good at (Chen, 2017). They then assign you a position where they are assured you will work to the best. The method favors few individuals since many people are good at the same thing; hence mostly, the employing organization advertises for only a single or few positions.


Google Company, a site used by the majority of individuals worldwide in researching different content, uses web advertising methods or recruiting. Web advertising may not be a better way to search for employees. Mostly the only limited number of skilled persons get the advert as not everyone who accesses the internet sources (Dean, 2012). The majority of experienced people are left once this procedure is used. Moreover, it can have an advantage since those who are aware of these mean get updated immediately the company advertises of any position.


Microsoft Company is another well-performing company that uses social media as well as talent search methods. They apply these two methods since they need a well-skilled person for a given position. The two combined skills are the highest and best methods to use. The employer is ensured of the profession for a given individual, and the majority of people get the information hence many requesting to get the position (Kelly, 2012). The only disadvantage the employers get is that they get a lot of people seeking the job, making it hard for them to interview them all.


Lastly, Walmart, a multinational company known to operate a chain of hypermarkets, applies the recruiting method internally. The methods involve running an ad for free in the company intranet, or beside, you can message board (Hocquelet, & Schoch, 2014). These methods can be best, especially when the employers do not want to spend the funds to run adverts and use other recruiting means. It is also the fastest method correspondingly best for succession planning. The negative impact of this method is that it does not give other outside individuals a chance to work in a given company.


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