Free Essay on Education

Published: 2019-04-19
Free Essay on Education
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In order for me to engage in lesson teaching through a form of writing, I will have used an array of activities, more because every child has his or her way of learning better. I would start by introducing the lesson as well as the topic before discussing it, modeling how it is written, its appearance and then the whole class would practice together. Additionally, hands-on activities together with the visual aids would be offered, furthermore, children will be divided into smaller groups where they will participate in the hands-on visuals and activities. As argued by Van Hoorn et al. (2015), "Opportunities for writing in the classroom should be abundant," therefore the writing lesson would be exercised in smaller groups (p. 217).

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Children are different, some would learn through independent participation in the journal writing, which is either undertaken under supervision or dictating the journal directly from the teacher (Van Hoorn et al.1993. On the other side, some children would learn by the use of shaving cream, hands-on activities, eye-catching activities like play dough, while others choose stencils whereby they may punch out or trace the, before writing them (Van Hoorn et al., 2015 p. 217).

Moreover, while conducting the lessons, I would promote socialization through play and communication among peers by the means of dramatic play, group time or outside time. Children learn fundamental skills by taking part in the play trough engaging with their peers and better perception of the activities (Van Hoorn et al., 2015 p. 318). Through socialization in terms of play, the students have the opportunity of learning and hearing different points of view from their peers, and I will further encourage them to illustrate their thoughts in order to have a common understanding of developing interactive themes (Van Hoorn et al., 2015 p. 318).

I can take an initiative of assessing learning through observation, interaction, and socialization with the children at the time that they are playing. I can appraise learning through socialization when applying the interpretive approach depicting on different standpoints and the concerns that may exist from those standpoints (Van Hoorn et al., 2015 p. 318). Socialization will help me to be capable of comprehending how students include the element of the greater culture into their play world (Van Hoorn et al., 2015 p. 316).

Involving children in an outdoor play will enhance the growth of the gross motor skills; children become in physically active play while they play outdoors. According to the assertions made by Van Hoorn et al. (2015) physical activity encourages development through involving the child’s entire body in skills as well as practice development (p. 336). It further fosters open-ended imaginative interpretation” (p. 342). In the video, Atypical schools: Norway's outdoor Kindergarten, whereby I realized that the school featured in the video has its student completely outside, such kind of activities is absolutely illegal in the New York City since state policies prohibit it. As per my school, teachers have a fear of taking children outside due to crime within the neighborhood. I prefer integrating outdoor plays into curriculum whereby I will incorporate the natural world through the teaching of more themes that are related to the natural world (Van Hoorn,, 2014).


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