Free Paper for You: An Invitation to the Course of Technical Writing

Published: 2022-06-14
Free Paper for You: An Invitation to the Course of Technical Writing
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Dear Mr. Philip,

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I thought you would be interested in studying about applying positive habits, which is a new topic in our course.

Please let me know if you are interested in studying the subject. It includes the following sub-sections.

Note-taking strategies

Good notes help one to remember the various concepts taught, creating essential skills of learning and have a better grasp of the topic explained (Alred et al., 2009) It further helps to reduce the stress of having to move up and down when test time comes. The strategies include;

The Cornell Method

This note-taking method organizes class notes into summaries which are easy to digest. (Cisero, 2006) It is an effective method because the details, main topics, study cues and the summary are indicated in a single place. The advantages are that notes are organized neatly and summarized therefore easy to review and secondly, it allows the reader to pull out the major concepts and ideas

The Mapping Method

This is a more visual way of organizing your notes. It is essential in learning relationship that exists between topics.

The Outlining Method

This method uses headlines and bulletins to organize points

The Charting Method

This method uses columns to organize notes. It is useful for lessons that cover more facts or relationship between topics.

The Sentence Method

This method requires one to write down the topics as a sentence simply. It works well for lessons moving faster, and a lot of information is covered.

Tips to sort in a vast amount of information- finding authoritative information

Readers and learners should seek out and confirm that the sources are up to date and current.

To find authoritative information on the web, you should check to know when the site was updated lastly and if it's done weekly or monthly.

How good study habits help to avoid plagiarism

It is true that not many students organize to cheat by copying work from other writers. This can, however, happen accidentally. It is therefore essential to learn these habits to avoid plagiarism. Proper time management can achieve this by giving yourself enough time to write your work again and again. (Alred et al., 2009) When notes are made, always try to use your own words. This will ensure that when you write your notes, you won't repeat your words. Lastly, when making notes, sources should be recorded. Before you hand over your work, ensure that all in-text citations are included in the references.

Best regards,

John Frank

Director of Language,

Green Park Schools


Alred, G. J., Brusaw, C. T., & Oliu, W. E. (2009). Handbook of technical writing. Macmillan.

Cisero, C. A. (2006). Does reflective journal writing improve course performance? College Teaching, 54(2), 231-236.

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