Ethical Sales Dilemmas - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-11-25
Ethical Sales Dilemmas - Free Essay Example
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Ethical sales dilemmas have been a major challenge in most of the business organizations, as seen in the following way. Ethical sales dilemmas can be misused by the individual who comes up with the wrong decisions in an attempt to become fame while marketing their products. Although ethical sales dilemmas are normally seen as problematic to the marketing industry, there are several ways of addressing it.

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Address the Dilemmas

I would take the following steps to address the dilemmas. Gathering facts is the first step while handling the dilemmas since it enhances accurate information. Identifying the ethical issue to be solved in the other step that I would focus on because it would help in knowing the most critical part that needs to be handle. I would also put into consideration the individuals who have been affected either directly or indirectly. Moreover, I would look at the impacts that would likely occur if the ethical dilemmas are not fully adhered to. Furthermore, focusing on terms and conditions helps in reducing the occurrence of misleading dilemmas. The individual character also matters a lot while handling dilemmas because it helps in the identification of individual behavior (Alfred, 2019, November 11). Creativity has also been discovered to enhance proper addressing of dilemmas because it helps in making the right decisions when faced with a dilemma. I would also look for the appropriate rationale that aids in making the right decision.

Sales Practices

I would put in place the following sales practices to prevent the future occurrence of ethical sales dilemmas. Firstly, I would implement policies that act as a guideline in the organization. Taking part in ensuring that there is accurate conveying of the information is the other sales practices that I would focus on. Moreover, I would eliminate the overcharging and under-delivery by coming up with strict rules on the individual involved. Elimination of sexual harassment is the other thing that I would put into consideration as a way of exercising good ethics in the workplace. Making a follow up on organizational performance is the other sales practices that help in the attainment of accurate performance (Shonk, 2020, January 21).


Incorporating strict rules into a business organization also helps in avoiding the future occurrence of ethical sales dilemmas since it helps to trace the people who are laying down misleading claims.


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