Paper Example. Rearranging the Room

Published: 2023-03-29
Paper Example. Rearranging the Room
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According to Gadzikowski (2013), the characteristics of a good design space for children include the easily indefinable entryway, windows, and natural light. Windows act as a learning tool for children as it gives them the chance to observe the weather (Gadzikowski, 2013). The daycare facility that I visited is Little Angels, and it accepts children between 6 months to 6 years. In the daycare, the high-quality areas I noticed were color and texture, lighting, and storage and they played a role in the education of kids. In the daycare, which is in our area, it was well set and the children interacted with each other. However, the space was too small and it did not give the children the chance of working independently. In week one, the philosophy statement of the school I was analyzing stated that the success of children in life depends on the laid foundation and it was evident that Little Angels Daycare by providing them with open-ended materials. The mission statement, on the other hand, aimed at fostering and instilling a skillful future, which was evident through the colors, texture, and well-arranged room. The health and well-being of the children are being taken care of as they have an area, in which they change and even clean their hands after completing the assigned activities.

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The aspect, which I feel the school should improve on, is the individual space of every kid. According to the video, individual space makes a child a sense of belonging. Gadzikowski (2013) argues that having an accessible and central space is beneficial since it enhances efficiency. In addition, every child should have a playing space, and it is supposed to be licensed as it gives a sense of belonging. Through their individual spaces, they get the chance to handle activities that increase their ability. Spaces help children to feel confident, socialize, and prepared to learn. The school should ensure that every kid has his or her space, even if it means renting more rooms in the apartment.


Gadzikowski, A. (2013). Administration of early childhood education programs. Retrieved from


Dear Latasha Iverson,

I agree with you that early childhood environment are supposed to nurture, engage, clean, organized, and safe to thrive in their development and growth. I enjoyed reading your material and the way you analyzed every detail of a good learning environment. Gadzikowski (2013) points out that a good environment should be welcoming, and the visitors should easily identify the entryway. Mangled clothes should be replaced for sure to enhance the kids' safety. However, I disagree with you that wooden blocks should be replaced with plastic blocks. Wooden blocks are the best as they offer a valuable learning experience, which assists them in developing their physical, language, intellectual, and social skills. Great piece!

Dear Sarah Baldwin,

I am impressed by the fact that you analyzed a facility where your child attended. I bet you have seen the daycare grow, and several changes initiated. A window is one of the significant areas in daycare as it plays a social-emotional role in a kid's transition in the early childhood program (Gadzikowski, 2013). Rearranging the room and replacing the toys with colorful ones will make the room more appealing. It was nice reading your post. I loved the way you argued out your points and stated how you would improve the facility.


Gadzikowski, A. (2013). Administration of early childhood education programs. Retrieved from

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