Accountability of Nonprofit Organizations - Free Essay Example

Published: 2023-11-10
Accountability of Nonprofit Organizations - Free Essay Example
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Generally, accountability is the duty to be responsible for individual actions, explain, and justify the action. Therefore, accountability ensures one is responsible for answering something having an authority just like a boss. On the other hand, organizational accountability means having the definition of the organization's mission, values, and goals and defines every individual role in achieving the company's objective (Agyemang et al., 2017). Therefore, this paper will examine the significance of accountability for nonprofit and non-governmental organizations.

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Accountability to Associates

Non-governmental organizations and nonprofit organizations should be accountable to their associates, like sponsors and to the public. Accountability does not only mean following the laws, but it also means being honest with the donors and the public. These nonprofit organizations are accountable to the sponsors who are giving them finance to enable them to function effectively. When the sponsors or donors are acknowledged, they get encouraged and put more effort (AbouAssi & Bies, 2018).

It is also essential for the nonprofit and the non-governmental organizations, to be honest with their staff members and volunteers. Being genuine to internal family leads to the progress of the organization. Having a good relationship creates a rapport enabling the organization to achieve the set goals (Agyemang et al., 2017). With accountability, the organization's stakeholders get appropriate communication of the goals, mission, vision, and values. Also, accountability is a significant issue because it ensures that stakeholders know about their investments if the expectations are being achieved, they increase their investments (AbouAssi & Bies, 2018).


In conclusion, accountability is linked with several factors except for regulations and compliance. Accountability has a direct connection with the organization's purpose and the stakeholders' trust. It is the organization's role to decide on the accountability that is more significant and complies. Right decisions should be made concerning accountability, for it will affect the organization.


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