Real Solution to Ending Gun Violence in America - Essay Example

Published: 2023-12-29
Real Solution to Ending Gun Violence in America - Essay Example
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The debate on gun violence experienced in the United States has developed into a familiar routine that is much depressing. After the events of mass gun shooting, the public always call for the amendment of gun laws in the country. However, the debate fades and the interests would never be treated as major interests at some point. Also, various experts display their opinions and ideas of curbing gun violence in the nation through interviews in different television and radio interviews (Barry, 879). The campaigns are also led in different social media platforms to solve the increased gun violence cases in the United States. Therefore, this paper presents some of the effective actions that should be considered as real solutions to ending gun violence in United States.

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The legislature should play a significant role in initiating and passing strict laws that would reduce the gun violence. In the current state, all the gun laws are unequal. Most of the military guns are still in the hold of the public and most gun violence cases occur from the use of the military guns that should not be handled by the public (Owens, n.p). In most cases, the nations that initiate and embrace strict gun ownership laws have registered less cases of gun violence. Also, the laws should be created strictly for the guns to be owned only with a specific section of the population that qualifies to own guns. Therefore, the legislature’s interest to pass the strict laws on gun ownership would reduce gun violence cases significantly in America.

Educating the public on the harm of being exposed to easy ownership and use of guns can resolve the increasing cases of gun violence. The government, and other interested organizations can help in creating awareness through giving the public a necessity to keep the gun out of rich of children or unlicensed users. In most occasions, individuals who are not qualified to own guns are likely to involve in the gun violence cases (Webster, n.p). When children grow in exposure to the dangerous weapons, they might be tempted to misuse the guns thus causing significant chaos in the society. Therefore, the concept of creating awareness and educating the public on safety measures to keep the item as well as restricting the use to the licensed owner would significantly reduce gun violence cases in America.

The government should also consider investing in the smart gun technology that is influential in reducing numerous cases of gun violence in the United States. Several suggestions have developed the latest encouragement in 2013 by the former president Barack Obama encouraged if smart guns would be introduced (Webster, n.p). The suggested smart guns could have unlocked security such as finger print features where only specific individual could have the access to the gadget if their biometrics meets the registered one. The suggestion of developing the smart guns would help limit the owners and users of the dangerous gadgets thus developing some impressive approach on limiting the possible gun violence cases in the nation.

Elimination of funding restrictions on the gun violence research would also encourage real solutions to ending gun violence in the United States. According to the recent reports in 2017, the gun violence could have a significant share estimated at $14billion of the federal research allocation of 2004 to 2015 that would aim at finding information on the other leading death causes related to gun misuse or violence (Sampson, n.p). The funding of research processes would however be applicable in giving detailed descriptions of challenges encountered in the gun misuse or violence cases. The research departments on gun violence should be given adequate funds without limitation, a move that would help the public and interested organizations have facts and actual records necessarily used to improve the general performances on reducing gun violence in the United States.

Ending the legal immunity for the organizations that manufactures guns would also be influential as one of the real solutions applied to end gun violence in the United States. The federal law gives an extra protection to the industries that manufacture guns. The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act was passed in 2005 to be used effectively in shielding the sellers and manufacturers of guns from the civil claims filed by the gun violence victims (Webster, 30). However, various parties have hailed The Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act as some of the most significant piece of a pro- gun legislation ever initiated over the decades. Therefore, holding the manufactures responsible for the misuse of their products used for violence would create some environment for cautiousness (Webster, 32). The organizations should develop policies of use and selling of their products thus showing the end of legal which will only rely on unlimited immunity of the manufacturer’s thus reducing gun violence cases.

The process of buying a gun should be made similar to the car buying process. Over the years, the significant reductions of the deaths caused by vehicles have reduced significantly due to the restrictions of different buying processes and qualifications. Stronger seatbelt laws, safe cars and fewer teenage drivers helped in significant reduction of car fatalities (Barry, 880). Legislature can learn lessons from the auto safety and initiate some concepts similar to the car buying requirements that have contributed to significant interventions in limiting death cases in the nation. Changes would be applicable in restricting the gun owners and users that allow only specific individuals to handle the weapon who are much careful. When buying guns are treated as buying cars, America would experience significant reduction in gun violence cases significantly.

The federal, states and local governments in the United States should also consider banning high- capacity ammunition magazines and assault weapons. The assault machines are known as the military or automatic fire arms. The high capacity ammunition magazines define the ammunition feeding equipment that can be fed an average of ten rounds. The high- capacity magazines and assault weapons increases the lethality of shooting thus resulting to more fatalities (Barry, 880). The recent records shows that most of the guns used in crime activities are the high capacity magazines and assault weapons. Therefore, the government should introduce changes where they only allow the military to use the high capacity weapons thus these restrictions would be advantageous in providing real resolutions to the end of gun violence in the United States.

The government should also focus on solving the gun violence in America through supporting programs by the local violence prevention and intervention program. The encouragements on the programmatic models such as cure violence, group violence interventions and hospital based interventions have been used successfully in reducing violence among the American communities. Therefore, in the case of gun violence, strengthening the activities of such programmatic models would have a significant contribution in curbing the possible gun violence in the state (Sampson, n.p). Therefore, the concept would be beneficial since the local would be engaged directly and much awareness created through the local programs to help in regulating potential gun violence in the United States.

Disarming all the domestic abusers would help reduce gun violence in America. Various victims, both men and women who are in the hands of domestic abusers are at high risk of gun violence effects. There are significant chances that homes with risks of domestic violence and the gun are present in the house would record an average of 500 percent gun murder cases chance. Other abusers also use guns to intimidate their targets. Over 5 million women have faced gun threats from the abusers (Owen, n.p). Therefore, the government should create equal laws that limit all the abusers from owning guns that might lead to unnecessary violence.

Also, apart from removing the barrier of fund limitation, the government should consider enabling CDC to research on gun violence as an issue in the public health. The nation should establish more dedicated public investment such as the Center of Disease Control that should be keen on addressing the developing challenges in the human healthcare cases in the society. Promoting adequate research with a specific organization would help support the actual interest of knowing more about the gun violence (Barry, 881). Therefore, promoting the government’s concept to focus on the establishment of a research organization such as CDC would be much encouraging to support the actual operations of the nation to resolving deaths caused by gun violence.

In conclusion, creation of different instrumental ways that acts as real solution to the ending of gun violence in American needs both efforts from the authorities and the citizens. However, the authorities in both the federal, state and local government play significant roles in eliminating gun violence in the United States. All the suggested approaches as discussed have significant contributions in ensuring effective measures are applied to contain gun violence in America. Some of the interesting approach such as enacting more restrictive laws would be advantageous in regulating firearm possession thus limiting ability of criminals to commit gun violence in the streets. Therefore, when all the measures are enacted, the cases of gun violence in the nation would be reduced significantly.

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