Essay Sample on Reading Reflection on the Growth Mindset Coach

Published: 2023-07-12
Essay Sample on Reading Reflection on the Growth Mindset Coach
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The Growth Mindset Coach: A Teacher's Month-by-Month Handbook for Empowering Students to Achieve by Brock and Hundley

1. Describe an interesting/appealing/insightful perspective or idea that you agree with or endorse that was presented in the reading.

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I found the book written by Brock and Hundley very informative and helpful in solving the problems associated with students which often pose a challenge to all the stakeholders involved. Before the concept of the growth mindset, as explained by Brock and Hundley, my understanding of the students was that they have a fixed mindset. However, analyzing the aspects of a student's life on a broader perspective which involves allowing them to reach their full potential by offering them the necessary has been adequately addressed in the book. The authors generate several ideas which can be utilized by teachers in helping students achieve.

The growth-oriented classroom concept discussed by Brock and Hundley is the most appealing idea in the book. Many students have a fixed mindset in issues of academic performance. They prefer to remain in their comfort zone and focus on the topics and subjects that are less difficult for them. Therefore, technical subjects such as mathematics and sciences is left unattended to. However, while many people blame the students for failing to perform in these subjects, the problem is rooted in the methods of teaching. Teachers need to develop a growth-oriented classroom where every student is given an opportunity to achieve. It is crucial to ensure that instead of dealing with the class as a whole, focus is given to individuals and they are helped according to their needs.

Including parents in the academic life of the students gives them a better chance to grow in their academic life. Ensuring that in case a child fails in a particular subject, the parent is supportive instead of reprimanding them for failing is a vital concept in the book. Brock and Hundley also discuss the issue of standardizing testing, which is often a nightmare to students. Instead of encouraging learners to focus on understanding the concepts and acquiring knowledge, the standardized test makes students concentrate on passing the exam only, which may not be helpful for them.

2. Based on your understanding of the reading, what specific techniques do you plan on implementing?

I plan to implement the work plan guidelines highlighted in the book. I will make sure that every activity that I plan to undertake in any given semester is recorded to ensure that nothing is left untouched. Brock and Hundley divides their topics based on the expected outcomes at the end of each session. Therefore, I will ensure that my teacher's guide is schemes of work are regularly updated meet the specific lessons or topics objectives. A research-based teaching method will ensure that my students comprehend the topics that we cover in class. Participatory classroom ensures that the teacher is not the only person sharing information. Students will be encouraged to do further research if they are allowed to present their ideas.

I also plan to implement a teacher-student favorable relationship in my class. Treating students with respects will ensure that I instar the same behavior in them, which will be reflected. Ensuring that I am approachable and accommodating to my students will ensure that they can consult and ask questions in areas that they do not understand. I will also implement parental involvement in the student's academic life. Ensuring that parents keep a record of their students' performance will ensure that their growth is monitored by all the stakeholders involved and in case of a problem, it will be easier to trace.


Brock, A., & Hundley, H. (2016). The growth mindset coach: a teacher's month-by-month handbook for empowering students to achieve. Ulysses Press.

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