Free Essay. Gambling Increases the City's Revenue Although It Should Not Get Encouraged

Published: 2023-03-22
Free Essay. Gambling Increases the City's Revenue Although It Should Not Get Encouraged
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There is a thin line between gambling as a vice and a recreational activity. According to the Oxford Learner's Dictionary (2014), gambling refers to wagering something of monetary value (stakes) with primary ambitions and intents to win valuable material possessions on events involving uncertain results or outcomes. Studies and research conducted across the city reveal that adverse vices like alcoholism, petty thefts, and muggings respectively indicated exponential growth with the many mushrooming online gambling entities. The gambling industry generates substantial tax revenues for the city, although it should get discouraged since, in the long run, it has detrimental financial and moral effects on the city's communities and its environs.

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Reasons Gambling Should Get Discouraged and A Picture of the Society in 30 Year

Irresponsible gambling is a vice that has resulted in an enormous rise of gambling addicts in the city. It has detrimental effects on the addict's finances, relationships and general well-being. In the long run, the city's economic costs on tackling gambling addictions and its adverse effects outweigh the tax gains from gambling entities. The city' vision 2048 (30 years from 2018) entails a productive society constituting comparatively of minimal gamblers to hardworking city dwellers. The city's legislation will constitute effective policies and regulations that will control gambling corporations and activities.

It Is Essential To Get Respected Than Getting Alike

It is imperative and helpful to get liked. Most people ditch their personalities, hobbies, likes or characters to get alike and fall under the turmoil wave of peer pressure in order to get liked and fit into specific social groups or norm. The peer pressure wave is rampant amongst children and teens although as people progress into their productive adult years, they must earn respect and honor than getting liked as it is a crucial determinant to how business partnerships or collaborations get formed. Respect gets earned via building a reputation and not through getting disliked.

Negative Effects of Smartphones

Smartphones have revolutionized the modern-day world, although they have some setbacks. Smartphone prices, use and crime, have respectively risen among millennials and young adults. The soaring smartphone prices have resulted in the less fortunate (that cannot afford smartphones) resorting to stealing them. They not only get stolen for their monetary value but confidential information that is getting used by identity thieves. Breach of privacy rights is on the rise since smartphone usage makes spying easy. Incidences of harassment and stalking are prevalent amongst the youth and young lovers resulting from easy access to smartphones.

Smartphones Give People More Freedom But At Certain Costs

Smartphones through some applications have provided some extensive freedoms like communication, although it has resulted in some adverse effects. Smartphones are replacing open communications and honest conflict resolutions. Smartphone communications particularly texting, is altering its user's ability and comfort levels in having honest and face-to-face communications. Smartphones are addictive, which in turn substantially lowers their user's productive levels. Social media apps are over-encouraging people to stay online and get hooked to phones at all times; this substitutes productive time getting consumed texting or using these apps.

Importance of Education for the Development of a Country

Education instills original writing, reading, and proficient skills in people. When citizens get equipped with the knowledge, they get empowered to create and apply for jobs. It helps lower poverty levels since with ideal knowledge and skills people can contribute to a nation's economic progress. An improved economy improves the living standards of the nation. Education enables people to know of their surrounding socio-economic scenarios and help them know of their rights and duties. It helps them effectively use and manage the country's resources, like water or fuel. Citizens get to know and understand their rights like voting, which ensures good leaders govern the nation with productive policies and regulations.

Roles of Businesses in Protecting the Environment

Business management leaders must develop and maintain work cultures that prevent pollution and protect the environment. It gets achieved by creating policies and regulations that ban the use of non-biodegradable plastic or packaging materials and other hazardous products. Businesses have a responsibility to adhere to and adapt government laws and regulations on the disposal of their industrial effluents. Businesses have a responsibility to create educational and awareness programs on the disposal of waste products from their sold end products. Businesses have a responsibility to promote the use of green energy, reducing the use of fossil fuels. Businesses must develop policies on purchase and use of good quality raw materials using modern production techniques that reduce pollution.

The vision of Business Education Changing in the Next 20 Years

Business education is gradually changing, and business learning institutions are acknowledging and effectively adapting to these changes. Business education in the next 20 years will get to emphasis more on instilling knowledge about entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprises since they will be the primary economic drivers. Business education will get more practical, and students will have to attain a balance between classroom studies and learning by doing. Business learning will get characterized by both local and international students' experimental learning and interactions. Business students learning financial data analysis will lean towards using advanced data analysis techniques rather than manual accounting methods.

Reasons I Would Choose Being Ophrah Winfrey If Given a Chance to Be a Famous Actress

Whenever given a chance to be a famous actress, my choice would choose to be Oprah Winfrey. She is a great philanthropist who donates millions of dollars via her Oprah Winfrey Foundation. The donations get channelled towards helping children and women access health care globally, especially for the less fortunate living in developing countries. She is an advocate of women empowerment and education of young children in third world countries where female scholarship gets disregarded. She openly addresses her past sexual abuse incidents as a child, motivates and gives hope to other sexual abuse victims, lobbied and pushed for the establishment of the National Child Protection Act.

The Impact of Self-Driving Cars on the Society

Since self-driven cars will involve autonomous driving free from human control. They will increase safety levels in most roads since most road accidents globally, are caused by human errors such as over speeding or driving drunk. They will increase convenience since traffic jams will significantly reduce. Self-driving cars are connected online, and they can communicate intentions. Self-driven cars use electric power, promoting the use of green energy and significantly reducing the use of fossil fuels which are the significant causes of air pollution. Self-driving cars will result in less congested streets and public spaces since they will significantly reduce the number of cars getting used.

I Agree with Zig Ziglar if it Does Not Challenge you It Will Not Change You

I agree with Zig Ziglar's statement that if something does not challenge you, it will not change you. Under typical situations, humans are always in their comfort zone and do not feel any pressure or motivation to act upon current situations. Challenging situations push for change and improvement in order to fix or eradicate problems. Humans thrive and grow and change based on the challenges they face. Motivated humans strive and fill fulfilled with achieving or meeting the greatest of achievements. The change attributed to challenges refers to a person's discovery of their new ability or skill. Without change, humans feel and believe they are the best at what they do.

Reasons Following Fashion Trends Is Relevant in Today's Workplace

Research and Studies indicate that a person's status, politics, personality and income are evident from their sense of fashion or dressing. It is imperative to dress or groom as per the occasion or message a person wishes to present or communicate. People's dressing impacts their thinking. When someone dresses, their confidence levels and sense of empowerment smartly are always positive and high. Through thin-slicing the brain stimulus (that makes immediate judgment upon visual details) humans judge others on their dressing and grooming.


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