Animals Research Paper Sample

Published: 2021-03-15
Animals Research Paper Sample
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Animals for Research

Animals have long been a research tool since the past times. Each and every year, thousands of animals die due to their use in scientific research. However, the idea of using animals for research whether general or scientific is an outstanding debate that is still undergoing currently. Most people and scientists all over the world have differing opinions on the matter. Some argue that animal testing is useful while others argue it is not necessary since animals undergo a lot f suffering. There are lot opinions of from both sides on the matter and its time people saw the necessity of using animals as research models. Animal research continues to play an integral part in many medical breakthroughs for many reasons, and the positives have been more than the negatives.

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Similarity to humans

Animals and humans have close relations. The body systems and organs of animals are very similar to the ones found in human beings. Animals suffer from similar diseases to those that affect human beings (network, 2014) . The diseases include tuberculosis, asthma, flu and cancer. Drug development involves the use of testing possible drugs to cure the diseases of sample animals to determine if the drugs can have effects on humans. Due to the above, the data from the research is applied directly to human life with knowledge on possible effects /impacts. The procedure is very helpful in reducing the number of deaths to humans who could have been otherwise be they sample population. Although many people argue that many animals lose their life, it is good to note that human life is more precious and have more value. It is more painful to lose human life than animal life. Animal research continues to save a lot of human life on a daily basis.

Short life span

Animals especially the ones used in research have very short life span compared to human beings. The short life span allows many researchers and scientists to do accurate studies on them the whole of their life cycle within a very short time. Animals are also better since they allow scientists to control their environment in the research laboratories. The environment relates to different factors including temperature, ventilation and light. It is difficult to control human life in such conditions due to many factors such as cost difficulties. Animals kept in such conditions help to keep them healthy and thus provide accurate results. The process of housing the animals is not as cumbersome as it would be in the case of human samples. The mechanism has so far been effective since many drug discoveries using the method have been successful. The process continues to provide essential medical breakthroughs in the medicinal field (O'Neill, 2012).


Many animals used in research are those with short life span. Many test animals continue to provide success in the medical field. The animals, on the other hand, multiply faster than human beings. For example, the mice are the most commonly used species in research (Murali, 2012). The species reproduce after every three weeks and give rise to numerous offsprings within the short period of their entire life. Therefore, continuous testing which mean more deaths to the species does not make the species extinct. The birth rate is even more times higher than the death rate. The argument is sensual in contrast to human beings who give birth to only a maximum of four siblings at a go. The human reproduction takes place after a calendar year, and it would thus be very difficult to recover the human life lost in case of using humans as test samples.


There are people across the globe who has been opposing the use of animals in research projects. The critics argue that animals undergo unnecessary suffering. They also argue out that not every drug should undergo testing by use of animals. They further state that many drugs require removal from the market despite undergoing all the tests before introduction into the market. It is very important to understand the value of human life. It is also crucial to learn the aspect of priorities. Diseases will continue to rise each day, year after year, and after decades. The only solution to the diseases is finding a cure through experiments that have to involve animals. Animals are in abundance, and there is no way we can put human life before animal life. Humans are the ones who take care of animals which mean their life has more value than animals. There is no argument about that. The world must continue discovering medical breakthroughs through the use of animals in research.


Animal testing is an unavoidable practice presently. However, there can be more improvements in the animal research techniques. Scientists need to become maybe merciful when handling the animals. It is not a must one kills many animals for a single test. However, it is unfair to underestimate the success achieved through animal research. There have been major discoveries in the medical field and has had great impacts on human life. The future seems bright in the animal research field.


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