Essay Sample: A Complaint on Cleanness Levels of Your Resort

Published: 2022-07-20
Essay Sample: A Complaint on Cleanness Levels of Your Resort
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I am writing to complain about the poor levels of cleanliness in your resort. Last summer my co-worker and I visited your resort for a two weeks' vacation. We have camped at your restaurant a couple of times since we both started working together within the past one year. Your resort has always had our favour as the customer services are commendable. Although we have had a few issues at your resort, the experience we had this vacation was extremely a negative one. We were very unhappy and disturbed with the low levels of cleanliness and I have felt that you as the manager of this highly reputable resort should be aware of this situation so that you can ensure that the appropriate actions are taken.

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Although this is not the usual case, as we entered the resort we could tell that this was not where we wanted to camp. At the restaurant in your resort, all the unoccupied tables were untidy, dirty and littered all over with trash and crumbs. Additionally, the floor was so dirty and appeared to need some mopping. Since we are loyal customers, we decided to occupy one of the empty tables at the corner. The waiter after noticing us came with a menu in his hand. His apron was dirty and torn. I had to send him back so that he could wear a decently clean garment and come with a rug to wipe the table.

In a nutshell, everything seemed dirty and unattended to, especially the fridge, floors, tables, staff clothes and washrooms. There were so many things that were not in place. I saw this as a violation of your customer satisfaction principles since your mission and vision as pinned on the wall of your establishment is to provide the best quality customer services and with high cleanliness standards. This has not been the case as in the past the restaurant has been clean. We really enjoy food and drinks at your restaurant and since it has been clean in the past, I know it is possible to be clean again.

However, to attain the cleanliness levels that will make the customers including myself satisfied by your resort, there are a few issues that need to be addressed. You should always make sure that the tables are cleaned after the customer is done with the meal. The floors should always be cleaned to ensure that there is no food on the floor. The carpets, curtains and all linen should be cleaned and stain-free. The fridge and the freezers should be cleaned regularly and ensure that everything that has reached the expiry date has been removed and disposed of accordingly. The staff uniforms should be always tidy and cleaned as we customers will definitely notice how the staff members present themselves. The staff members should look neat and professional all the time. Since your resort has a constant flow of customers, your washrooms and toilets should be kept clean by ensuring that they are washed every hour. The important touch points such as the handles, faucets and switches should always be cleaned as they are the most prone areas to the spread of bacteria. I hope that my request will be considered as cleanliness is close to Godliness and will reduce disease outbreaks hence will ensure that you maintain your wide customer base. For any clarification or response kindly contact me through my email address provided. Thank you for your time.

Yours Sincerely,


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