Relationships after First Impression

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A relationship defines the way in which two or more people connect to each other. According to Ivy Chen there are two types of relationships traditional relationships and non-traditional relationship (Section, 1). Traditional relationships are relationships nurtured through family, religion, law, medicine, and education (Class notes, page 1). On the other hand, non-traditional relationships are relationships nurtured with factors the society ignores, view as negative, and discourage. Moreover, Chen further reiterates that there are factors that affect the growth and nurturing of relationships, this include expectations, the perception of oneself in their relationship with others, and finally the perception an individual creates towards other people (Introduction, paragraph 3). However, it is important to note that people believe and have different views of relationship. Personally, I believe that first impression is very important in a relationship and it can determine the direction a relationship takes. Ideally, from the first impression people can determine if they have a connection or not. Moreover, first impression creates the basis for romantic relationships. Thus, I support the notion that an individual can know whether they would be in a romantic relationship within the first few minutes of meeting a person.

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Ivy Chen outlines that a relationship is develop in the way we relate and behave around other people (Chapter 6). Chen outlines that a relationship is developed through inclusion, caring, response, trust, playfulness, affection, and sexual contact (Chapter 1). Moreover, most of the outlines attributes can be witnessed on the first meeting with a person. Ideally, most of the attributes indicate interest and concern for an individual. For instance, inclusion shows interest in a person and wanting to know them more. Moreover, inclusion continues in the entire relationship. Nonetheless, response that entails engaging in conversation, maintaining eye contact, and smiling back shows interest and can help develop a romantic relationship. In addition to this, caring can also help develop a good relationship with other because caring is expressing genuine interest, having the desire to contribute to the happiness of a person, and paying attention to small details of a person. This attributes and characters can be portrayed during the first meeting with a partner and can help ascertain if there is a connection or not between the two people.

Having mentioned that is important to point out that affection is another factor that can help an individual realizes whether they can have a romantic relationship from first impression. This is because affection is portraying feeling of attachment and warmth, which is characterized by tender looks, caressing, holding hands, winking, and touching. Thus, an individual can notice any of this signs and ascertain if they have a connection that can lead to a romantic relationship. Chen notes that the mentioned expressions can be used for mate guiding (Chapter 6, paragraph 5). Thus, it is evident that an individual can find out if they have a connection that can lead to romantic from first impression.

According to Arthur Aron mutual vulnerability can foster closeness between two people. This is because in the attempt to know each other through asking questions and engaging with each other individuals can develop a connection that can lead to romantic relationship. Moreover, through interaction and engaging each other, individuals can realize each other that is, they preference, interest, weakness, and strengths. This can help two people understand each other and ascertain if they are compatible to each other. In addition to this, Aron et al. notes that one key pattern that are associated with developing a close relationship among peers is sustained reciprocal, escalating, personal self-disclosure among other factors (page 363-377). Thus, through interaction and knowing each other people can be able to ascertain if the they have a romantic relationship. Moreover, it is evident that first impression plays an important role in determining the direction of a relationship.

In addition, people tend to have their own creation and imaginations of people they are in contact with and they have not met. Thus, through first impression an individual can create the ideal picture and ascertain if they are up to their expectations or not. Moreover, through first impression and individual is able to see beauty in the other person. This is because beauty is among the factors that have an effect on the direction of romantic relationships. Moreover, many individuals forego all other factors in favour of beauty. The fact that an individual is attracted by the physical attributes of an individual can be seen through first impression. In addition to this, physical attraction is usually the first consideration that individuals consider for long-term romantic relationships. As mentioned above, people usually create expectation sin their mind and thus, when the partners fall below their expectation this can be a cause for lack of interest and commitment, an ingredient of no relationship. Thus, first impression plays an important role in determining the relationship between two people.

Nonetheless, it is important to note there are barriers that act against creation of intimate relationships. They include shyness, lack of opportunities, fear of rejection, traditional gender roles, and traumatic past experience. Thus, through first impression an individual can overcome some of these barriers. For instance, through first impression an individual can overcome fear of rejection. This is because first impression can help an individual ascertain the seriousness of an individual through the way they interact, behave, and view each other. Moreover, first impression carries those cues that can help an individual note some sense of interest of lack of interest. In addition to this, a person can overcome nervousness, inadequate social response, and the feeling of being judged by through the help of a person they have a connection with. Moreover, a person can overcome the feeling of shyness through interaction with another person they have a connection with. Thus, first impression can help individuals realize if they have a connection that can lead to romantic relationship.

In conclusion, it is evident that first impression plays an important role in the development of romantic relationships. This is because first impression help individual realize themselves and how they can relate with their partners. In addition to this, through first impression partners can help each other realize if they are fit for each other through understanding the weakness and strength in each other. Moreover, first impressions give a person the chance to establish a connection with each other through interaction. This is because many relationships are formed online nowadays and they do not last long. Thus, through first impression individuals can ascertain if they have a connection or not and whether to continue with the relationship or it is a waste of time. Thus, a person can know whether they can have a good romantic partnership through first impression.

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