Essay Sample on Hiring NHFT Employees

Published: 2022-11-02
Essay Sample on Hiring NHFT Employees
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This paper shall extensively look at the case study as it has been provided concerning employee recruitment by NHFT. In this context, I shall discuss the challenges that emanate from this recruitment exercise by NHFT bearing in mind that the UK labor market in the health sector is tight and NHFT needs sufficient candidates to resource their regional health needs. I shall also focus on the recruitment strategies to be used by NHFT, merits, and demerits of the approach to be used by NHFT.

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To start with, recruitment is the process where an organization publicly declares that there is a vacant position in one of the functionalities of the organization and thereby invites interested candidates to apply for the said position within a specified period. This declaration can be channeled through an organization's internal procedures, advertisements, and in this modern world, it is done through the internet. Recruitment of employees is, therefore, the process of reaching out to the public, searching and scrutinizing the capabilities of interested candidates to achieve an objective of getting the best-qualified candidate for a particular job. Selection is the process whereby an organization decides if a candidate is worthy that specific job or not.

It is for this reason that NHFT needs to put best recruiting mechanisms and make good used of the human factor to achieve its organizational objectives and goals in its operations. Basing the fact that the UK labor market in the health sector is tight, NHFT needs to apply the sophisticated mechanism to reach a higher population of people in need of that job. NHFT can use more people to put up many advertisements and posters and also it can use the power of social media to reach people. Statistics have proven that three-quarters of the population in the UK have access to the social media platforms which is a good venture(Braun, S. (1995). The other place to reach more people is using the media, TV stations. This exercise is more efficient during the summer and not the winter times.

So in this context, NHFT has to recruit the required number of persons in the next five years to resource its regional demands in the health sector, but the problem is that the UK labor market in the health profession is currently tight. First and foremost NHFT will have to cope up with less human resources in the health profession which is, in fact, the biggest challenge facing it. The tight labor market is being influenced by issues related to both demand and supply. As the economy has improved in recent years, total employment has grown.

However, this growth has not occurred evenly across skill levels, and many employers' skill requirements are increasing. Employment growth since the recession has primarily been in occupations in skilled-services industries, such as health care, finance, and information technology. By contrast, job growth before the recession was much higher in traditional blue-collar sectors like manufacturing, transportation, and construction. This growth in more top skilled jobs has led to a skills mismatch. Available workers too often do not possess the skills that are in demand. While the obvious solution to this is education and training, it is not sufficient to merely make them available.

With this in mind, the tight labor market, especially in the health profession and many another job, can bring a battle for labor which can be relatively disadvantageous to an organization such as NHFT. One of the critical problems is that this competition for work will bring rivalry with other organizations which are a fear factor. Competition in business is healthy, but game for employment is not at all. This can make a company make significant losses.

Another disadvantage is that the company or organization is likely to spend more in this venture regarding advertisements and this expenditure is expected to damage the company significantly. Another likelihood is that the company is expected to get unqualified personnel as this battle for labor brings about fraudsters. This particular problem has been witnessed in New Zealand where in the construction companies, there was the battle for employees, and this made cheats also to apply for the positions, and the result was, the companies delivered poor work and lost contracts.

The other challenge is that the few qualified candidates may ask for a bigger salary such that the company which is willing to employ these candidates will be forced to spend almost three-quarters of their profits in wages alone. This problem can cause a company which was doing relatively well in the market, to sink in debts and eventually becoming bankrupt.

In the UK currently, statistics by experts such as Nigel who is a labor economist expert in the field of employment reveal that employment rate in the UK has risen to above 70% and this has caused a lot of problems as this has made the unemployment rate to reduce to slightly below 4%. So meaning employers, are in the battle for the 4% of the unemployed persons in the whole of the UK which is astonishing. Nigel further reveals that there is an increase in the number of unfilled positions in different companies. These numbers add up to above 800,000 vacant positions in the whole of UK, and only 4% of the population is not sufficient to fill the gap.

The battle for employees in the tight labor market has increased competition to recruit and employ qualified employees. Organizations have made the employees more potent because they have become the choice of employer and sought-after the employees. For companies to differentiate themselves, employer branding has been used as a way of getting potential employees.

This does not only include the specific nature of the work, but it consists of a wide array of different features and benefits that influence the employment experience. Mainly when an employer brands himself as a package, the existing employees will communicate good deeds of the organization and this will attract potential employees. Based on these expressed features prospective employees can conclude great expectations that the employer will have of its employees and how an employee can expect an organization to fulfill some of his or her own needs and aspirations (Bredwell, 2008).

This insight has made similar companies in the same position as NHFT, to brand themselves to becoming an employee's choice consecutively and this had brought another challenge in that, it is the employees who will be setting the terms of working because they have the monopoly and the advantage of the tight labor market. For instance, in a hypothetical situation, the employees can decide not to work within the stipulated working time but instead choose to operate under their discretion of time and environment.

Some workers may decide not to report to work for some days, but the employer has no option but to retain that work because labor is a big problem. This has led to most of the companies to even go to schools and colleges that offer studies related to the employment of the company and look for potential employees in those schools. This has been too advantageous to the students in these schools as they start work very early even before clearing college and with a big salary.

The rationale is that if the students start working at a specific place and get natured in the market, the student will be an automatic full-time employee of the organization after completing college, and this will be advantageous to the company but the problem with some profession such as health, qualified practitioners are required as compared to students who are not fully qualified. This will bring a massive gap in the employment management of NHFT.

With this, in the future of NHFT is in the verge of collapsing since there will be fewer employees in the organization and the remaining option that NHFT remains with is importing workers from other countries that are relatively qualified this is also a big challenge as there might be a language barrier and the cost of sustaining this practitioner in the region will be expensive but desperate times calls for extreme measures that the organization will employ so as to stay relevant for the next five years. If the organization does not meet its employment capacity, it will lose its credibility which is carried by its clients.

By these means, survival tactics have to be employed when it comes to resource selection methods which will be applied by the human resource department of that organization.

One of the most efficient means of resource selection is the knowledge skills abilities (Banjoko, S. A. (2003), which is somewhat a traditional method of resource selection. Here, the company starts with an internal audit and comes up with job analysis and the human resource department analyses the jobs and comes up with requirements of the level of knowledge required, skills and abilities. Then the same department makes the best method of how to asses each potential candidate to know whether the candidate is qualified or not.

This is a good way of resource selection as it does not entail a lot of formalities and may attract a lot of candidates to apply for positions in the organization. Most of the employees don't prefer the formalities of asking and having to wait for long days without a response. As a result, NHFT can make use of technological inputs (Armstrong, M. (2003), such as doing all these on the internet. Meaning, job adverts, interviews shall be conducted through the internet to save the employees going long distances looking for employment when they can access it through the internet. The disadvantage is that this type of resource selection does not do thorough scrutiny on the candidates to know their potential which can lead to employing unqualified personnel.

The other efficient resource selection method to be used by NHFT can be the compensatory selection strategy (Ann. P., and Bartel, A.P. (2000). Here, the organization or the company will conduct an analysis and identify a vacant post in the company and hand in the information to the Human resource department to make their selection. So the Human resource department will automatically announce the position but will not put any requirement for qualification. The first candidate to apply will get the position and will be absorbed in the company. After being consumed, the candidate will work and based on the performance of the candidate; the company may retain the candidate or dismiss and announce the vacant position once again.

This method is efficient because many candidates will be attracted and will be fast to apply. So the company will continue doing this until a suitable candidate is found and permanently employed. The disadvantage is that the company will use a lot of resources until when it gets a suitable candidate for a particular post.

Another disadvantage of this particular method is that a lot of time will be used and wasted before the right candidate is found. The logistics of introducing any candidate to a new working environment can be challenging. The new candidate must first learn how work is done and if this is a competitive organization, this waste of time can incur hugely loses to the company therefore if this method is to be used, it has to take less time.

In conclusion, NHFT will be forced to use more sophisticated methods of resource selection, and this will mean that a lot of resources will be put in place to save its future existence.


Ann. P., and Bartel, A.P. (2000), 'Human resource management and performance in the service sector: The case of bank branches \ NBER working paper 7467.

Armstrong, M. (2003), Handbook o Human Resource Management Practice.London Kogan Page 9th edition.

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