Quality Improvement Strategies With Six Sigma - Essay Example

Published: 2022-12-28
Quality Improvement Strategies With Six Sigma - Essay Example
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Quality improvement remains a vital business strategy for most organizations. When used appropriately, it improves the performance of businesses and makes them competitive. To enhance its quality and gain a competitive edge, a company can use strategies such as six sigma that entails a disciplined, statistically based, and project-driven technique to minimize variability, eradicate defects and eliminate wastes from processes, products, and transactions (Adams, Gupta, & Wilson, 2003). This paper describes six sigma in the context of the quality management system and explains its goal, benefits, and strengths and weaknesses. It argues that six sigma uses data and statistical analysis to identify variability and improve the quality of products and processes in an organization.

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Six Sigma as a Quality Management System

As a quality management system, six sigma refers to a process that improves the overall systems and processes by identifying and subsequently eliminating barriers that hinder an organization from attaining the levels of perfection (Adams et al. 2003). Typically, six sigma uses data and statistical analysis to enhance processes by establishing sources of variability in the systems and work processes. The approach ensures that any challenge that interferes with the organization's operation is eradicated immediately to ensure quality management of systems.

The General Goal of Six Sigma

The general goal of six sigma is to increase revenues by eradicating defects, variability, and wastes that weaken customer loyalty (Fursule, Bansod, & Fursule, 2012). In order to achieve this goal, six sigma uses the information and statistical analysis to measure and enhance operational performances, systems, and practices by establishing and preventing defects to realize expectations of all the stakeholders.

Benefits of Six Sigma to the Organization

Implementing six sigma in the organization will help workers to manage their time effectively thus making them productive to the business. Six Sigma also helps an organization to improve its customer loyalty and reduce its defective products thereby reducing the duration it takes to manufacture products. This ensures that customers get the products they want urgently (Fursule et al. 2012). Similarly, sharing six sigma problem-solving techniques and tools allows for professional growth of employees and create a favorable system and environment for employee motivation. Adams et al. (2003) also noted that implementing six sigma in an organization helps the business to plan its strategies, attain its vision and remain committed to its mission. It also enables an organization to reduce the cycle time.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Six Sigma

The significant strengths of six sigma include proven success, improve profit, enhance customer satisfaction, eradicates errors and improves the entire business processes of an organization. In terms of weaknesses, Antony (2012) noted that six sigma hinders innovation and creativity of employees since it has a controlled and structured process. Secondly, it is only appropriate for manufacturing companies because service companies lack measurable defects (Antony, 2012). Lastly, six sigma requires massive investment and vigorous training before it is implemented. Therefore, its implementation is costly.

Question #2

I have observed a rise in the costs of a car garage that has 50 branches and specializes in car tires. In each branch, there is sufficient stock of different tires, and this enables these branches to assist clients, deliver customer satisfaction and oral advertising rapidly. Currently, the expenses of the car company are higher than those of the last one. Therefore, the management intends to discuss with all the 50 branches to chat a way forward. The problem statement is: the costs have increased sharply because of the employee wages, renting space for 50 branches, as well as, inventory. The process: The garage should work from a central warehouse and supply all the branches with the necessary stock maybe three times a week. The measurement could be: the costs of managing inventory in all the branches, the prices of delivering tires from the central warehouse to all the branches and then to the customers, the expenses incurred in paying employees to manage and work in all the fifty branches.

In conclusion, six sigma is a beneficial management tool for every organization. By using the data and statically analysis, the approach improves the performance, quality and inventory levels of an organization. Further, it reduces energy sources, waste and environmental degradation. Therefore, every organization should allocate sufficient funds for the implementation and maintenance of six sigma to enjoy the stated benefits.


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