Qualitative Research Methodology DBA. Essay Example.

Published: 2017-12-18
Qualitative Research Methodology DBA. Essay Example.
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The Practice Theory

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The practice theory acts as a dielectric between human agency and social structure that are working back and forth in a vibrant correlation (Silverman, 2013). It is a network of work, and it explains how the human body functions. It assumes the human body to be a bond of “groups of activities” that people tend to perform with lesser of greater commitment, grace, and agility. The practices can be diffused across in the social time and space while others are grouped together in a particular arrangement that can be changed over time depending on their productivity and the productivity of the individual. It explains the relationship between human actions and the world systems and hence resolves that antinomy that exists between ancient structuralist methods and other methodologies that explains that social phenomena are due to human actions.

Application of practice theory in theorizing research problem

The practice theory may be useful in theorizing the research problem identified in the portfolio activities 2 by guiding the research to focus and enabling it to organize its ideas, results, and data in a systematic manner to obtain a particular outcome. The theory determines what the research will focus on and how the research will think about it (Neuman, 2002). It gives the study some of the original concepts and directs the researcher into developing productive research questions.It allows the study to be comprehensive and dynamic and not focusing on one particular idea. Lastly, the theory will increase the researcher’s interconnection aware of the current and the previous information and hence allow for comparison and quicker analysis of the outcomes. If the problem were to be treated as deductive research, then the theory will assist the researcher to choose the suitable research design that will allow easy interpretation of the data.

Organizational practice

The structured administration is an organizational practice that is used by many firms to ease their management, communication and production procedure. It allows the human resource to understand the business operations and thus reduces inconveniences. It is, however, a time-consuming process as decision making must follow a regular chain of command. It is also expensive since the firm has to hire management experts for different departments to efficiently run its operations. The structured administration is mainly applicable to large companies which have many employees and activities that need strict monitoring and evaluation (Silverman, 2013).

Critical theory

The critical theory view that knowledge, which appears to be neutral, reflect and reinforce asymmetrical relations of power can be argued to be an undemocratic notion since people tend to give information based on the circumstances that tend to limit their freedom and rights. A neutral knowledge is free from bias and conditions and is a possible reflection of an unjust or unaccepted power by the citizens. They are bound by maybe law to be neutral in the statements and should not influence others. Real democracy allows the people to criticize and oppose the government and its operations whenever they feel something is not right with the form of governance in action (Neuman, 2002).

Research problem

From the critical theory, a research problem that can be developed is; contributions of the critical theory of globalization.

Importance of critical theory

Critical theory is suitable for the research problem stated above since globalization is promoted by democracy and other technological, political and sociological factors. Critical theory is a modern form of the Marxism that analyzes how information technology changes and influences the political, economic, social and cultural relationships among people. Globalization unifies these relationships. Hence, critical theory can help develop good research questions for the research problem (Silverman, 2013).


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