Protein Diet vs. Vegan Diet - Comparison Essay Example

Published: 2022-02-22
Protein Diet vs. Vegan Diet - Comparison Essay Example
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Vegetarianism is a form of dieting which has become popular over the past years. It has been adopted by a majority of people over the past decade, with research declaring that there are approximately half a billion vegetarians in Europe. The diet's high nutritional value can explain the adoption of this type of dieting compared to the protein diet which is very harmful to the health of individuals. Proteins have high amounts of cholesterol than vegan food, and high fat, unsaturated quantities lead to undesirable health outcomes. Obesity, heart problems, and high BMI are the health effects which are caused by high intake of protein foods. Significant resistance, however, has been faced by doctors who try to explain the choice of diet that their patients should choose. Dieting is a sensitive issue, and people should be educated on the health benefits that are acquired as a result of vegan food intake. Vegan food is more health-conscious than protein food.

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Two theories have been used in explaining the stance taken in the latter research finding. These theories include religious approaches to vegetarianism and ethical omnivorism. The two theories establish their arguments on a moral background. Religion is very crucial in defining the ethical behaviors of society, and it advocates for vegetarianism. Many religious beliefs prohibit people from actually consuming animals which are the most profound sources of proteins. For instance, the Jain people believe that it is wrong to kill any living thing, and if one does, they are considered outcasts of the community. The Indians are the other group of religious people who believe that the cow is a Sacred Being and in no circumstances should it be killed and used for food. As a result, of these examples, the theories from religion prohibit protein diets and champions for vegetarianism.

Food security is ensured through vegetarianism, which is a concept that is well discussed by the theory of ethical omnivorism. The latter approach discusses that people should not consume animals and some of their products. It is argued that almost sixty-five percent of food in the form of grains is given to animals in the United States of America, which are then slaughtered to yield food to the rich. Its therefore, unethical and immoral to kill animals to generate food for the rich, while the animals were bred using the food that would have aided the needy. As a result, food insecurity is observed. However, preventing the killing of animals, poor people can benefit from the products of the animals or even food can be conserved for them, in the form of grains which the animals are fed. Hence the theory advocates for vegetarianism which would lead to increased food security around the world.

Despite the advantages brought about by vegan food, it's always had to balance the proteins that are required by the human body. However, this can be overcome through thorough research of plants that contain these types of proteins to ensure that the food taken by a vegetarian is helpful to their overall well-being. If this is done, a health-conscious nation would be established which is a goal to the World Health Organisation. People with diseases that are diet-related should listen to their doctors and adopt the most preferred type of diet their doctors suggest to ensure that their health is maintained and improved at the same time.

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