The Road to Globalization, Essay Sample for Your Attention

Published: 2022-09-23
The Road to Globalization, Essay Sample for Your Attention
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A majority of the European nations possessed several colonies across the globe with the main objective being to initiate civilization in most societies. For instance, in 1494 Portugal and Spain signed the Tordesillas Treaty based on their agreement to partition the world. Hence, the Europeans relied on imperialism to articulate for the spatial and chronological dimensions required to establish their different governing mechanisms. Moreover, the main objectives of imperialism and colonialization were based on the need to gain economical profits, exploration, and overpopulation (Switaj 8). However, for the colonizers to form a functional government aligned to the imperialism ideologies it had to enlighten the uneducated locals. Therefore, the primary reasons for colonization laid the foundation to enlighten the uncivilized society thereby promoting globalization through empowering the native settlers.

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Most of the European nations upheld Christianity. Hence, most of them relied on the missionaries' objective to spread Christianity to establish their government. The missionaries played a crucial role in influencing natives to endorse the colonial government (Enhaili 775). The missionaries' political ideologies were based on the assumption that the presence of European government guaranteed their security in case the locals retaliated against their evangelistic undertakings. Furthermore, the Discovery Age was characterized by the Europeans striving to spread their culture to the uncivilized societies. Besides, spreading of the European culture was one of the fundamental steps towards initiating globalization (Tugtan 225). For that reason, social, religious, and political ideas contributed significantly to the adoption of the European culture that marked the inception of globalization.

Communication, trade, and manufacturing are some of the key sectors that advanced steadily during the renaissance and agrarian revolution eras. Likewise, the industrial period ensured that the initial progress made in the three sectors was enhanced. According to Nobis, during the industrial period, the manufacturing processes adopted by society led to the production of surplus goods (205). Consequently, the communication sector had to ensure that people were constantly communicating to purchase the increased production of manufactured products. The telecommunication industry was characterized by effective communication channels that reduced the world into a virtual global village. Hence, communicational advancement is a fundamental component in the global economy due to its ability to integrate the trade and manufacturing sectors.

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