Death Penalty Annotated Bibliography - Free Paper Sample

Published: 2019-07-16
Death Penalty Annotated Bibliography - Free Paper Sample
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Death penalty as a form of punishment to criminals should be abolished since it encourages discrimination and there are better and more efficient ways of punishing criminals.

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Amnesty International. "Why Abolish the Death Penalty?" THE DEATH PENALTY V. HUMAN RIGHTS September 2007. Document.

This article brings to light the large number of lives lost each year due to this execution. It exposes the bad effects of this vise in the society. Discrimination is one of the main issues exposed in this article that is encouraged by death sentence. It is written in a bid to enlighten the reader on this moral effects and tries to get their support in their campaign against this form of punishment. It tries to encourage governments to join hands in this fight and clearly states the congruence and synergy of the fight for this abolition and the fight for human rights. This article is also very credible since it comes from a renowned organization that works towards the appreciation of human rights. The work in this article is also in tandem with my thesis, since it exposes the infringement of human rights by encouraging this mode of execution of justice and also as its main purpose is to unite all nation in the fight for its abolition.

Kouchner, Bernard. TIME FOR A MORATORIUM AGAINST THE DEATH PENALTY. 8th October 2008. Document. 7th December 2015. is article exposes the moral decay in the states that allow for death sentence as a form of punishment to criminals. It shows how the human rights are infringed. From this article, we see that countries like Japan and China are propagating this very inhuman act and others like Liberia are reintroducing this law that they had abolished initially. It exposes that the punishment is irrevocable thus making putting innocent people on the line. The author strongly urges for dignity, universality and equality. All these virtues can be gained if this punishment is abolished. This is what the author is calling for all governments to do. This article is quite reliable since it is written by an influential figure in the society. The Minister of Foreign and Europe Affairs. And from its details, it supports my thesis since the author exposes the negative effects of this vise and he is calling for the abolishing of the death sentence.

Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty. The Facts: 13 Reasons to Oppose the Death Penalty. 2015. Document. 7th December 2015.

The work in this article brings to light the effects of this form of punishments. It even goes ahead to reveal the proportion of deaths from death sentence in relation to homicides in the whole country per year. The figures are 120 deaths from the execution, relative to the 15000 to 17000 deaths from homicides. This accounts for 1 percent of the total figure. From this it is clearly shown that the punishment is a major contributor to the nationwide mortality rate. Other reasons are the wrongful executions and also, a strong argument that the execution is against all existing religions, among others. This source is quite reliable since it is from an established movement that is dedicated towards the fight of death sentence as a form of punishment to criminals. It is also in line with my thesis since it exposes the demerits of death sentence, and also tries to encourage the readers to unite against this vise.

Valeontis, Jacinda. Five reasons to abolish the death penalty. 9th October 2012. Document. 7th December 2015.

This article highlights the demerits and effects of death sentence and champions for the abolishing of this socially harmful vise. In the article, the main features of this execution are captured and explained in an elaborate way. Irrevocability, inhumane nature, the inability to deter criminals and that fact that this execution is on a downward trend all around the world are some of the factors that the author considers to support the argument. This article credible for this thesis since it written by one of the worlds renowned whistleblower Amnesty international. All the arguments also support my thesis by exposing the bad social human right effects of encouraging the punishment.

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