Nutrition Essay Sample: Properties that make Vegan Menus better than Vegetarian Intake

Published: 2022-02-22
Nutrition Essay Sample: Properties that make Vegan Menus better than Vegetarian Intake
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Diet affects health tremendously: ''you are what you eat." (Abbar, Mejova, & Weber, 2015). A well-planned diet implies that we have a delightful chance to live a long, fit and healthy life. There is much interest in the scope of dietary activities pursued vegan diet with the elimination of fish, meat, eggs, and, dairy, not only terms of the nutritional content of vegetarian diets but also, health and mortality rates among vegans. Vegans' diet is believed to be healthier than vegetarians'. A considerable body of scientific literature supports this belief because of vegans diet reduces risk of acquiring blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure, lower frequency of heart disease, some forms of cancer and digestive disorders such as diverticula and digestive disorders, and, reduced occurrence of obesity and some types of diabetes, provide safe type of protein, maintain a healthy body weight, and, balance hormones in the body hence increase longevity.

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Vegan diets when adhered correctly tend to comprise more antioxidants, fiber, magnesium, potassium, and vitamins A, C, and, E increase longevity. Vegans diet is packed with crucial nutrients that in the absence of meat, it is vitally substantial that it makes sure vegans are still taking all of the correct quantity of proteins in other forms. Vegans alternative for proteins include peanut butter, nuts, legumes, and, grains. Plant-based proteins are made up of small parts known as amino acids that aid metabolism and assist in keeping muscles. A study by Harvard University that was conducted a decade ago to find out whether the excess protein in the urine is a sign of kidney failure found out that excess three dietary elements linked with the sign of declining kidney function: cholesterol, animal protein, and, animal fat. Animal protein consumption induces hyperfiltration, a rapid increase in the kidney's functionality. On top of that, animal protein stimulates the release of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1), a cancer-promoting growth hormone reducing the ability of the body to function accordingly.

Disease Prevention

Vegans diet meets official dietary guidelines than do normal omnivorous since vegans diet comprises less saturated fat, less fat, and, fewer calories that involves few calories while including more whole grains, more vegetables, and, more fruits than vegetarians. One way of reducing saturated fat is by eliminating meat and increasing the consumption of plant foods. People can minimize their risks of chronic diseases by chronic illnesses. A study that was conducted among 70 vegetarian Buddhist monks and 126 omnivorous men found that the vegetarians had meaningfully lower BMI, triglycerides, blood pressure, lipoprotein, and apolipid profiles and lowered projected likelihood of coronary heart disease (Zhangv et al. 2013). Vegetarians tend to eat a diet full of fried foods, whole milk, full-fat cheeses, nuts, and, commercial meat substitutes may consume total fat and saturated fat than vegans increase the risk for chronic disease. While vegans diet comprises of higher consumption of phytonutrients, antioxidants, fiber, carotenoids, and, antioxidants (Clarys et al., 2014). Foodborne illnesses, parasites, bacteria, chemical toxins are more common in commercial meat, seafood, and, poultry when compared with plant food. Vegans consume less processed food as a vegetarian rule claims that being a vegan is not good for the body since a vegans diet lack animal fat, each of the nine amino acids, protein, iron, and, calcium that scientific evidence proved that human need these nutrients for ideal health. Vegans' diet, unlike a vegetarian diet, could not afford to offer animal fats and other extra nutritional benefits which the body needs it. A vegetarian diet provides much more other additional nutritional benefits to the body compared to a diet comprising meat. However, it does not imply that human beings need to consume meat to attain ideal health. There is always a substitute way to get it. For instance, vegetarian food such as seeds, nuts, and, dark leafy greens offer magnesium which assists in absorbing calcium. Nuts such as almonds are a reliable source of proteins for vegetarians other than providing vitamin E, Zinc, Calcium, and, Magnesium. (Mann, 2014).Moreover, almonds can assist in reducing cholesterol level, particularly for the elders.

Animal proteins are harmful compared to plant-based protein

Calcium is better obtained from plants foods. The bioavailability of milk calcium is comparatively low compares to various kinds of vegetables rich of calcium such as broccoli that suggest that whereas milk has adequate calcium, it cannot be absorbed and utilized by human bodies fully. Animal protein sources comprise meats, eggs, and, dairy products can result in substantial loss of calcium through the kidney since it contains a high quantity of sulfurous amino acids. According to Cohen (2019), the protein content in milk that is praised for makes the absorption of the calcium that is the cause for more problem and even causes a net loss of calcium.

Moreover, milk contains several kinds of hormones which are otherwise only available with a prescription of a doctor because of their health risks. Biologically, cow's milk is generated to assist a calf to grow in very little time. When this hormone combination is consumed by a human, who is not adapted for it, it results to chronic and even fatal occurrence such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia, obesity, or Alzheimer's, strokes.

Maintain Healthy Body

Apart from reducing the risk of chronic disease, it has a positive effect on its body mass. Vegans typically weigh less as a result of a diet containing fewer calories in the form of legumes, grains, nuts, vegetables, seeds, and fruits. On over, vegans are aware of healthy food and hence tend to eat better. Additionally, Plant food tend to be more comfortable on the digestion. Similarly, vegans have a better vision and macular degeneration because vegans eat a lot of vitamin c and consequent collagen result too much better

Balancing hormones

Vegetarians' diet causes hormones imbalances that have a deverse effect on the body. Hormones such as estrogen are accountable for leading breast cancer if levels are too high. A New York study found animal fats can elevate levels of estrogen. Vegans have imperatively low estrogen levels than vegetarians. Because of the low-fat content of their diet (Clarys et al., 2014). Besides, they have more of particular carrier molecules known as sex hormones, binding globulin that flows in the blood and has the role of holding sex hormones- keeping them inactive until they are required. Fatty acid does the reverse; they upsurge estrogen.

Vegetarians have a lower intake of lipoprotein, better serum glucose, and, lower oxidative stress. Low consumption of food comprising cholesterol and saturated fat, and high intake of vegetables, legumes, fruits, seeds, nuts, and, soy products which are rich in phytochemicals and fiber are elements of vegans which contribute to a reduction of chronic disease and maintaining of a healthy body that can prolong life. This is the reason why this meat-free diet is gaining much popularity in contemporary society.


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