Promotion of Understanding Between the National Unity, and the Local Autonomy - Free Essay

Published: 2023-10-16
Promotion of Understanding Between the National Unity, and the Local Autonomy - Free Essay
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The federal government in the United States of America is essential due to its diversities, and difficulty in information of a unitary government. The federal system facilitates the establishment of political organizations. The federal government in the United States of America comprises national unity, the local-self administration, and regional autonomy. Governing rights are shared between the central and state governments (Arceneaux & Butler, 2016). The state government is in control of the administrative and cultural autonomy, whereas the central government is responsible for practical issues such as defense and communication.

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Efficiency in Administration as a Result of Power Division Between the Central, and State Governments

The division of administrative power among the central and state government is essential as it lessens the burdens of the central government. It means that the central government will not need to be concerned about local problems. The central government will mainly be involved in matters that are essential to the nation (Bailey et al., 2017). Hence, the federal system becomes essential in reducing the burdens of the central government.

Federal System of Government Gives Rise to the Big States

The American federation joined by the fifty states of America enabled the states to become powerful in the world. Without the Federal system, the American states could have all the prestige and privilege that it presently enjoys. The federal system has enabled the American states to have a huge relevance in international forums, and this is a result of their union.

The Federal System of Government is of Great Advantage to the Smaller States of America

The federal system assures the smaller states of the United States of America to defense since the single states are too small to defend themselves independently, and it also helps the individual states to have a good diplomatic connection with other countries around the globe. The Federal Systems cuts the expenditure that states of America could use if they existed independently. States in America also enjoy reduced expenditure in defense as a result of their union. It would be difficult for an independent American state to defend itself against both the internal and external attacks from enemies (Constantelos, 2018). It is because an individual state may lack all the necessary resources needed for the provision of its security.

The Federal System Provides a More Dignified Citizenship Compared to the Individual States

The citizenship provided by the Federal Government of the United States of America is of high dignity compared to that provided by a single state. For example, when an individual introduces his/herself in other parts of the world as a citizen from Florida, Texas, Miami, or New York, it may not be highly dignifying as compared to introducing his/herself as a citizen from the United States of America.

The Federal System Has Hugely favored the United States of America

America is a huge country with diverse languages, cultures, races, and religions, hence making the unitary government not to be suitable in running America. The Federal system has played a big role in generating unity in the diversities present in America. There is recognition of the distinct provinces’ authority; their existence has been made sovereign in all parts of America. If a unitary type of government could govern America, there could be a high possibility of power concentration to the central government, and this could result in America becoming a dictatorial government.

The Federal Government Has Enabled America to Make Both Economic and Cultural Progress

The federal system has not only generated positive impacts in defense, but also in both the cultural and economic growth of America. The federal government encourages commerce among its states and industrial growth. Through the federal system, the states have been able to supply essential services in areas of great need without incurring high expenditure on the process (Hyun, 2019). The federal system increases the number of sources of the country hence enabling the United States of America to fight natural disasters such as droughts, diseases, and famine with ease.

The Federal Government Has Increased Peoples Participation

The federal system enables citizens to get involved in matters related to their government in numerous ways. The elected official in the federal government are nearer to the citizens compared to the state official, and this enables the citizens to make visits to the office of the elected official and express their view without the fear of being victimized or judged. The federal government also enables the citizens of the United States of America to embrace their cultural diversities, which is not possible with the other forms of administration.

The Federation Government Has Encouraged Innovation in Governing America

At its basic structure, the federal government of America is formed from sharing and cooperation among the states. The federal government provides the opportunity to try out different means of governing, and monitor their progress. However, this entire process is bound to generate either positive or negative outcomes. The results generated from the processes are essential in the decision to applying the idea to other parts of the country.

The Federal System Has Ensured American Protection Against Tyranny

The federal government of the United States of America, hinder any single branch of the government from owning much power over the government structure. Despite containing the majority of a certain party in the government, it may be impossible to form a massive change that will impact all other members (O’Leary, Burt, & Karolien, 2020). The federal government is preferred in America over other governing forms due to its ability to protect the country from tyranny.

The American Federal Government Offers a Structure Which Diffuses the Governmental Powers

The federal government of America has played a huge role in creating balance in society, which has generated a governing process that is equally distributed. The federal government has ensured the division of power among different governmental offices such as the legislature, executive, and judiciary. The power division makes it difficult for one branch to take over the country.


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