Project Scenarios - Business Essay Example

Published: 2019-12-04
Project Scenarios - Business Essay Example
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In a group or individually, select a small business operation to set up as the subject of your project.

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Here are some ideas for what your project could be:

Organizing an end of year party for Lonsdale students and staff

You are responsible for organizing an end of year party for all Lonsdale students (up to 300).

This party will be held on level 1 on December 1st

You will need to organize invitations,furniture, food, drinks, decorations, music etc.

You will also be required to organize some kind of entertainment to make the night fun and enjoyable for all

It would also be a good idea to organize some kind of theme for the event

In addition, you will need to organize a raffle and a prize give a ways

Lonsdale has a budget of$6000 for this event

Small Kitchen Renovation

You and your business partner own a kitchen renovation company. You have been contracted by a client to renovate their kitchen, it is very old and needs to be gutted and refitted.

Your client has a budget of $30,000 including appliances.

You will need to provide alternate cooking facilities for the client whilst the renovation in underway.

Other Project ideas:

Organising an event of some kind: E.g. a conference

Moving location or expanding to a new location

Implementing a new I.T system to automate a process

Creating a new company website

Adding a new product or service line

Creating a new workforce plan for HR Hiring/Recruitment

Organising a marketing or advertising campaign

For all of the above Case Studies consider yourself the Project Manager if done individually.

Assessment Task


Project terms of reference

Project title

Organising a marketing or advertising campaign

Project purpose

To come up with effective and efficient marketing and advertisement strategies so as to improve businesses and maximize profits through increased selling. I also wanted to promote different marketing and advertisement skills.


Most people have very good businesses ideas. There are several businesses that are being established on a daily basis but instead of making profits the businesses are making solid to an extend they cannot thrive well thus ending up collapsing. The critical reasons as to why such problems is the lack of skills to for market and advertisement of the goods and the services they prove to the customers. This is what triggered and gave me an incentive to come up with this project to help combat such issues,

Project client/owner

Darkest Hour Retail Company

Project sponsor

Darkest hour Retail Company.

Project manager

Mathew Rodgers

Overall project budge

5000 US dollars

Overall project time-frame

10 months

Project Scope

Inclusions and deliverables(What is included in your project? What are the final deliverables of your project?)

Exclusions(What isnt included in your project?)

Limitations(What are some limitations for your project?)

Project Definition

Stakeholder Analysis (list the stakeholders involved in your project and their interest/power level)

Stakeholder Interest level (high, medium or low) Power Level (high, medium or low)

manager High High

Secretary High High

treasure High High

Auditor medium high

Secretary High High

Team member High Low

Team member High Low

Organizing secretary High High

Relevant authorities (List the relevant legal authorities. E.g. City council, permits requirements etc.)

Municipal council

Local authorities

Police station


Member Responsibilities Key skills required

EXAMPLE ONLY. Accountant - Monitor payments from the government

- Manage payments to the subcontractors

- Deal with any financial issue occur - Several years experience

- High attention to detail

- High availability

Responsibilities and reporting requirements. (List all the members of your project team. These are the team members who will be working on the project.)

Allocated Resources (list the resources required for your project. This includes financial, the cost of the overall project, equipment and other physical resources. What resources do you already have available?)


Project Schedule

What are the key milestones for your project? (Hint: look at your project scope inclusions)

Item Milestone date Responsibility

Project kick-off 3 feb 2015 planning

Project requirement 20 feb 2015 Assembling resouces

customization 10 may 2015 parameters 10 System integration application

Readiness testing Work-Breakdown Structure - Break down your items into smaller sub-tasks using the table below.

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

planning Discussion on project type Requesting permission from authoritis

Acquiring of resources Sourcing funds Work schedual

Appointment of member Testing skills of employees interview

researching Work item 1.1.2

Work item 1.1.3

Sub-task 1.2 Work item 1.2.1

Work item 1.2.2

Work item 1.2.3

Task 2 Sub-task 2.1 Work item 2.1.1

Work item 2.1.2

Work item 2.1.3

Sub-task 2.2 Work item 2.2.1

Work item 2.2.2

Gantt Chart

Develop a timeline for your project. This should include all the project tasks. It is recommended that you use a GANTT chart to do this. You may use the template below or use or MS Excel to make your GANTT chart.

Activity/Task 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Feasibility test initiation planning organizing control evaluation organization scoping implementation closing Project Management Tools

Select 4 possible project management tools and discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each in relation to your project.

No. Project management tools Advantages Disadvantages

1. Gantt Charts. Simple to construct. Difficult to interpret

2. 3. 4. Risk management plan

Risk Probability Consequences Treatment

1. Laws and Regulation changes Very Unlikely Minor Monitor and update regularly.

2. Poor weather condition likely monitoring

3. Diseases likely treatments

4. Government policies high Adhering

5. Language barrier high translating

6. Failure of tools and equipment high replacement


Create a budget for your project. Include: Staff, Supplies, and equipment and contractor costs for each activity in your Timeline.

id ACTIVITY Budget

1 Hire a recruiter,

Training. $5oo


food $1000


SUBTOTAL: 3 airtime

stationary $100


SUBTOTAL: 4 laptop


camera $200



SUBTOTAL: 5 Room booking $100


Consultation and authorisation

How will you consult with your project employees and ensure that their views are part of the planning process?


Support Systems

What sorts of support systems are needed for project team members to ensure they have what they need to provide quality outcomes on time?

Record Keeping

List the sorts of things that need to be recorded in a project and explain why this sort of record keeping is important to the project management.

Managing Project Finances

What sort of planning needs to be in place for managing the finances of a project include handling how and when payments will be made to suppliers and others.

Project Reports and monitoring

Why are project reports important and what sort of information should be included?

Design a pro forma (project template) document for the project that could be provided to stakeholders as a status report.


Project CompletionA Project Completion Report is normally distributed to all stakeholders as a means of encapsulating everything that has occurred during the project and describing anything that could be done better. This template is a useful format for a small to medium project

Project Completion Report

Project title:O

Project overview:

Project objective:

Agreed changes to project objective

Project outcomes

Deliverable/ milestone (from Project Plan) Budgeted cost Final cost Scheduled date Final completion date

Issues & risk summary: Summarise here the issues/risks that arose during the life cycle of the project and what action was taken to resolve them.

Lessons learned: For each project milestone or phase, identify what worked, what didnt work and ways to improve the process the next time

Milestone/phase What worked What didnt work Ways to improve

Recommended improvements: Outline how you will apply the key lessons learned to future projects.

Project Sponsor:

Version: 1 Project Client:

Date: Project Manager:

File Name: completion.docPage x of y

Appendix 1 Group Work Allocation (List all group members and provide dot points of who did what.)

Appendix 2 Research and Project Materials

Provide screenshots of all project research. These will relate to your project deliverables/inclusions. E.g. Catering company info, entertainment, decorations etc.

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