Essay Sample on How Internet Use Influence People's Lives, Work, and Study

Published: 2023-01-26
Essay Sample on How Internet Use Influence People's Lives, Work, and Study
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Technological advancement in the 21st century has called for the application of the internet, therefore, changing how people live, work and study. For about two decades now, the internet has been inclusively a source of lifestyle, education, business, entertainment, and working ideas, among other things. This paper analyses how the use of the internet has changed how people live, work and study.

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Internet application in households has seen the current generation change mode of communication to digital, borrow lifestyles from online, and use the internet as a source of entertainment (Bernstein 9). Both adults and children now shop online. They use the internet to follow the current trends of fashion. Live streaming has become a significant source of entertainment worldwide. People watch movies, documentaries, play video games using the internet. Internet is also used in both Android and iPhone devices, which people use to communicate via social apps (Halper 24). Internet application has improved managerial performance in organizations. Firms now use the internet for digital marketing and fetch development ideas for their projects. Students are currently using the internet to get various material sources for study. Through the help of different search websites like Google, they access eBooks, educational videos, and articles which help with class assignments (Halper 12).

In conclusion, internet use has dramatically influenced how individuals live, work and study. It is important to note that these changes come with both advantages and disadvantages. People now use the internet to access entertainment, communicate, and shop online. They also used the internet for job marketing and improved their studies. In the future, the internet will be a fundamental aspect of the development of people's lives and economic change.

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