Essay Example. Professional Eportfolio

Published: 2023-01-24
Essay Example. Professional Eportfolio
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Explain how at least two chosen artifacts reflect personal growth and achievements in leading people and processes to improve patient, system, and population outcomes.

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In clinical practice, it is essential that all services and care provided be of an advantage to the patient and improve the population outcomes and two artifacts chosen are a promotion of well-informed diagnoses and second increasing the use of evidence-based practices in the delivery of care. The first step in the delivery of care is often finding out what the problem is, and this is done through diagnosis. I believe the primary step in a successful treatment is a proper diagnosis which rids all the risks associated with incorrect and unsuccessful treatment. I have observed many people benefiting from correct diagnosis in my profession but have also seen patients who have been treating wrong illnesses, thereby their personal growth compromised.

Increasing the use of clinical pathways that are evidence-based when providing treatment options is vital in the healthcare process. The treatment options have to be assessed first and all its side effects examined in correlation to the patients' state of health. The choice of treatment options as I have experienced is achieved by close monitoring by us as the clinicians and is achieved through adequate investment in technology, e.g. MRI and CT scans. I chose these two assessments because they are the most fundamental in the treatment processes.

Explain how at least two chosen artifacts reflect personal growth and achievements in transforming processes to improve quality, enhance patient safety, and reduce the cost of care.

Healthcare services should be of good quality in that they should provide improvement in patients' health and also be affordable. The first artifact is promoting patient-centred care, which decreases the annual expenses, and this process includes adequate education of the patients (Cosgrove, 2013). I have encouraged patients on how to put their health under check and practice healthy behavior like eating healthy. Well-informed patients choose less aggressive and inexpensive treatment options. Also, patient engagement increases the satisfaction patients receive from the care providers and gives them more assurance of their safety. The patients and community needs should be placed first in the delivery of care. With this in mind, costs are minimized to accommodate many patients.

Explain how at least two chosen artifacts reflect personal growth and achievements in interprofessional collaboration to improve patient and population outcomes.

Interprofessional collaboration is applied through the two artifacts, team-based culture in the health care system and Interprofessional education, which primarily depends on managerial support. Team-based learning involves collaboration by healthcare providers during decision-making. The professionals work in teams despite the different roles, and it enables the synergist influence of grouped skills and knowledge (Bridges, 2011). Team effectiveness relies on open communication, and the existence of autonomy, which improves the healthcare through more informed decisions and the patients' care is comprehensively discussed. Whenever I participate in these discussions, so much new insight is gained, and decisions are always analyzed to the last details. When patients receive such excellent care, their outcomes increase and recovery is guaranteed. Moreover, promoting Interprofessional education is a critical step since this is not a common culture in the medical environment, and its orientation has, therefore, to begin from the learners. I chose these artifacts because they improve patient satisfaction and healthcare.

Explain how at least two chosen artifacts reflect personal growth and achievements in integrating professional standards and values into practice.

Professionalism sure has to be maintained in the working environment. I realized that it is mandatory as a nurse to ensure greater transparency in the profession by providing transparent and complete outcome reports to both the patients and even managerial staff. As much as this may be difficult to achieve for many institutions, it is important because keeping information from a patient may give them false hopes, and this is short of professional standards that demand integrity. I use the hospital metrics to correlate patient outcomes and focus on what is most important in their treatment. Truthfulness enables proper healthcare provision hence good population outcomes.

Lastly, building practice based on excellence, accountability, and humanism, is achieved through clinical competence, ethical understanding, and excellent communication between the patients and nurses. In this career, I have learned that proper communication between us and the patients enables mutual trust, which translates to wholesome treatment (Cosgrove, Arthur et al., 2013). I selected these artifacts because they ensure values in the sector are promoted while also abiding with the code of ethics.


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