Statement of Purpose Essay Example

Published: 2018-07-27
Statement of Purpose Essay Example
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Technology Essay Introduction

Like many of my peers, growing up, I used to admire things such as automobiles, trains, heavy construction equipment, motorcycles, aircraft, and other vehicles. My father also had a car. Due to my curiosity, I spent a lot of time learning about many things in the car. One of the most difficult parts was understanding what keeps the car and other machines in motion, the source of power that propels it to move. Occasionally, I saw my father drive to a gas station and fill the car’s tank with petroleum. One day, as a result of my curiosity, I asked him why he has to keep on adding gasoline. My father told me that it keeps the car moving and that without petroleum the car cannot move. From that, I got to understand what keeps other automobiles, planes, and trucks moving. My second major question was why water could not work in a car. From the responses I got, my curiosity grew in complexity until I was stuck at the point of how petroleum works until it makes our car move. Over time, the more my curiosity increased, the more I realized that petroleum or oil is a critical resource that “moves the world”. That is how I was gradually molded to pursue my career as a petroleum engineer.

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It is estimated that there are up to 1.2 billion vehicles in the world today and the number is projected to hit 2 billion by the year 2035. Of all these 2 billion, only 2.5% of the vehicles will be powered by a fuel other than petroleum. Our country is also rated as one of the top global producers of crude and finished petroleum products. Clearly, this implies that petroleum will continue to play a significant role in many economies for a longer period. These findings combined with my childhood influence have convinced me that one of my favorite career choices is to become a petroleum engineer. That is why I am currently a senior student at Petroleum Institute. When I joined the institute, my expectations were to make the most of my time there to understand the major concepts of petroleum engineering so that I could get a clear picture of what I would like to pursue in a graduate school. Consequently, my passion paid off because when I got my first results, I realized that my performance was exceptional.

While studying for an undergraduate degree, I have often questioned many things surrounding petroleum products. For example, it is known that fossil fuels like petroleum are not sustainable and they will get depleted at some point in future. With less than 2.5% of cars being powered by alternative fuels by 2035, it implies that the world will reach a crisis if petroleum is depleted since the current technologies may not be adequate to replace petroleum products completely. Consequently, I have been thinking about ways of finding ways of increasing the power of petroleum so that little amounts of it can be used for a longer time with high level of efficiency. Other ideas have been on efficient ways of extraction of crude oil and overall efficiency in the supply chain and refining. These questions have led me to conclude that to make a significant contribution in the field of petroleum engineering, I need to invest a lot in my further education so that I can engage in research in some areas where I would like to find answers. I would like to join other researchers and play a key role in finding solutions to the energy problem within the petroleum sector.

Transition to Master of Engineering

Just before joining the Petroleum Institute, I had carried out a survey of the best institutions that offer a course in petroleum studies. I also sought the advice of those who were at that time in the field working after completing their studies at the institute and other places. My findings suggested that the Petroleum Institute was the best choice due to its heavy investment in research facilities and research publications in the field which have also made a great impact in the petroleum sector. Having studied in the institute for some time, I contend that it would offer me the best chance to transition from undergraduate studies to Master of Engineering at the graduate level. Besides the close academic relationship I have developed with my professors, lecturers, and tutors, I have also found out that what I would need to carry out my research at the graduate level is available at the institute. During my out of a class conversation with the professors and other academic staff regarding the current trends in petroleum research and my future interests in research, I have found out that they are the best people to work with once I commence my research work. We have shared a lot, and I would lose their input if I chose another institution. The institute, therefore, offers me an excellent opportunity to complete my undergraduate degree and proceed to the master’s degree.

Other than academic achievements, I have also demonstrated outstanding performance in other sectors that are associated with petroleum as well as co-curricular activities in the past. For example, there was a time when a national geology competition was organized while I was in high school. The objective was to identify students who could best employ their innovative and creative skills to come up with a practical geological concept. Being passionate about the field, I tried my best, and when the results came out, I was a runner-up. When I was contemplating on which specific course to choose and in which university, most of the people who provided me with professional advice were members of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). I too decided that I will join the organization in future and currently, I am a member of the professional body. I would like to subscribe to other professional bodies in future so that I can learn a lot from my peers and also share information with them. I also understand that being a petroleum engineer, it is not enough to just attend classes and seminars. Furthermore, it is very important to work in an environment where ideas are put into practice. That is why in the next two months I am starting an internship program so that I can also learn the practical aspects of petroleum engineering.

I expect that upon completion of my graduate studies in Spring 2018, I would have acquired skills and knowledge which I can employ in the workplace and also in my research in the field of petroleum. During my undergraduate studies, I have also participated in extra-curricular activities such as playing soccer. I have developed an emotional attachment with the institute, and I would like to continue studying here because it offers me a good environment to engage in activities beyond classwork. Moreover, I like the diversity of culture and the community within and outside the school.

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