Essay Sample - Prior Research on Conceptualizing Culture: Possibilities for Political Science

Published: 2023-03-23
Essay Sample - Prior Research on Conceptualizing Culture: Possibilities for Political Science
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The epistemologies in political science range from the choice of theory with culture to interdisciplinary exchanges. In the study on conceptualizing culture, Wedeen (2015) aimed at addressing the battles in political science by using of conceptualization of culture as semiotic practices and showing how it has value to political scientists.

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The Major Theoretical Propositions

The concept of culture in political science entails political sociology as well as the interests in policy as well as initiatives to ensure democratization. Derived from Max Weber's classical analysis, the concept of culture entails ethics and the rise of capitalism with a set of residual values and norms oriented towards the political system.

Data Used

In examining the problems involved in the usage of semiotic practices in political science and test the concept of culture, ethnographic fieldwork and survey research data were obtained from religious ceremonies while considering the attitudes of the individuals partaking in practice, the language as well as the interpretations. Wedeen (2015) examines the political practices, social behaviors, choices as well as community norms while assessing the conceptualization of culture.

Wedeen Operationalization of the Concept of Culture

The rational choice theory is essential in the study of culture as it invites conversation as well as productive arguments on the conceptualization of culture. The use of concepts of culture in political science helps solve various issues of preferences and capabilities, which generate the possibilities for coordination of complexities and uncertainties.

Major Findings

The study reveals the problems associated with the concept of culture as common knowledge. The concept of culture entails shared quality as well as the commonness of knowledge with the understanding of outcomes of human activity.

The Implication of the Study

The understanding of culture builds the primordial values as well as traits that are relevant for the power relationship that gives rise to the political phenomenon of democratization and ethnic resolution.


There is nothing inherent in the idea of culture since common knowledge interferes with the political system. The concept of culture in political science changes the language of rational choice theory with the collective knowledge affecting the equilibrium state. Also, the coordination dynamics on the concept of culture entail multiple changes, thus leads to poor cooperation. The concept of culture influenced by the practice theory challenges the perception with consistent logical and resistance to change.

How Wedeen Article Relates to Other Assigned Readings for Political Science

Semiotic practices entail practical analysis of the way people work and act in society. The various kinds of practices in political science involve intelligible with meanings ascribed to the knowledge and context of the culture. Therefore, Wedeen (2015) draws on the ordinary language of philosophy to give political science a sense of conceptualization of culture. The study on the conceptualization of culture leads to a change in attitudes with the interpretation of individuals' perceptions about the perceived political practices. As a result, there is a practical understanding of the community's norms, local concepts, as well as traditions.


Wedeen, L. (2015). Conceptualizing Culture: Possibilities for Political Science. American

Political Science Review, 96(4), 713-728.

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