Project Management Free Essay: Gantt Chart Example

Published: 2018-01-22
Project Management Free Essay: Gantt Chart Example
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Sample Gantt Chart

Building a Computer Lab

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Building a Computer Lab

Time in Months

Team Members

Work Breakdown Structure

Month 1 to Month 3


Designing Lab Space

Month 4 to Month 6


Determining the needs of Computer Lab

Month 7 to Month 10


Installing Hardware and Software

Month 11 to Month 13


Furniture Fixtures and Fittings

Month 14 to Month 16


Choosing a Sitting Layout

Month 17 to Month 20


Fixing power Sources

Month 21 to Month 23


Resetting Old Computers to Factory Settings

Month 24 to Month 26


Assembling and Arranging Furnit

Month 27 to Month 30


Safety First Measures

Month 31 to Month 33


Lighting Installation

Month 34 to Month 36


Reserving Capital for F

Future Needs

Rational for a Gantt chart

In the course of business expansion milestones, a Gantt chart is useful because it helps in the proper budgeting of time. For any given form of business, the most important milestones revolve around turning a profit, expansion, reaching 1billion customers, and staffing up. For the above-mentioned milestones, a Gantt chart is most appropriate since it takes project management to the next level. In essence, a Gantt chart acts as a giver of instruction and a dictator of the timely accomplishment of tasks (Kirkland, 2011). What’s more, it is helpful in the definition of project objectives and goals.

One Critical Risk

For all the tasks programmed for a project, one critical risk is that of scope creep. Scope creep is known to derail project phases and is also expensive; it can be defined as uncontrolled alterations or continuous growth in the scope of a project (Kirkland, 2011). It usually takes place the moment a project is not defined properly, controlled, or documented. Overall, it is considered to be very harmful.

Contingency Plan

Scope creep can be avoided if the project management team makes an effort to understand the outcome of the project steps in the planning phase. Additionally, it is not always good to be welcoming to all the ideas of clients. A third step to curbing scope creep could revolve around concisely making a definition of the scope of works. The right pricing and writing down the steps outlined for a project phase will prevent clients from coming back with complaints saying the project phases were not adhered to the tee. Conclusively, a Gantt chart is an important aspect of project management.


Kirkland, C. (2011). Mastering software project management: Best practices, tools and techniques. Project management Journal, 42(6), 92-92.

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