Essay Example: Key Messages from Patients

Published: 2019-11-28
Essay Example: Key Messages from Patients
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From their perspective, a panel of representatives and patients living with Parkinson's disease had much of their experience to report. They lamented the immediate and oblivious onset of and prevalence of the symptoms of Parkinsons syndrome which non-exclusively include; motor characteristics like dyskinesia and dystonia; and also disturbances during sleep, fatigue, cognitive impairment, and constipation. Owing to these physiological deficiencies, the patients cited the disease as a major limitation to their regular life aspects work, personal and family care, and maintenance of personal relationships leading to an isolated and lonely social lifestyle.

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Of more significance from the patients were the adverse effects that arose from taking treatment and drugs like Cavidopa-Levodopa and Dopamine agonists. Apart from the difficulty in the selection of an appropriate combination of the medicinal products for this syndrome control, their effects had a similar negative impact just like the symptoms which they were trying to fend off. However, they reported having tried the use of both non-drug and drug treatment methods to relieve the symptoms of the syndrome. On this matter, the FDA emphasized the importance of the use of non-drug therapies like regular exercising (yoga, biking and walking miles daily) and dietary modification to help complement the drug treatments which had become unreliable due to disease unpredictability. The summary of this report by the FDA is significant in various ways to the agency, the stakeholders in the healthcare setup and the patients of the syndrome. The FDA panel put forward some of the significant developments and possibilities of designing the appropriate drug for this syndrome.

FDA Panels Emphasis

The FDA panel put a lot of emphasis on the areas of proper therapy combinations for treatment of the disease and the progress in the development of more appropriate drugs including trial results. With the exposures made in the report, it was now possible that new drug combination outcomes could be realized in the various processes of clinical trials. Regarding new drugs development progress, the FDA emphasized on the ongoing research on the stem cell, predictive biomarkers determination, and participation in clinical trials; for possible effective therapies. The report underlines the present lack of a curative therapy for this disease, but the FDA encourages the adoption of reasonable control and management methods including drugs and other therapies. The FDA also urged the affected patients on the possible ways of living a better life, that is, through the use of non-drug therapies that involved a healthy eating life and regular muscle exercising to help enhance the effectiveness of some of the suppressed skeletal body locomotion systems.

Significance of the Report

The FDA report summary can be used by clinical officers and other research scientists to help in the administration and development of more appropriate therapy combinations. The report gives a concise and clear detail on some of the symptoms that can be marked by an individual for the elaboration of the syndrome. Those who were not in attendance and are victims of this syndrome can obtain clarified information on the possible therapies to use and their appropriate combinations. The report also enlightens individuals living with Parkinsons disease patients on the appropriate ways to help them obtain confidence and courage to battle the disease by enhancing their social lives. More importantly, individuals doing course research on the disease can get an array of information from the summarized report to help in better understanding of illness, its effects and methods of control and handling.

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