Free Essay Sample - Preferable Candidate

Published: 2023-08-22
Free Essay Sample - Preferable Candidate
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Due to the high market demand and the strict requirements of the profession, I would hire Karen Comfort, the medical technologist. Essentially, before considering the best candidate for any job, the human resource department has to ensure that the individual meets all the requirements. Such often include all academic credentials as well as any other relevant certificates to show their qualifications. Apart from these papers, the department is charged with ensuring that the right candidate has more than meets the eye. In this light, Karen Comfort qualifies as the one with both the necessary qualifications and the interpersonal charisma. As the human resource manager, I must ensure that the hired consultant is sophisticated, articulate, and well-knowledgeable about the contemporary marketplace. The individual must also be aware of the issues affecting the healthcare platform, including such aspects as technology, ethics, and so on. As a result, I do believe that Karen fits the job description due to the information given in her portfolio.

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One of the most essential requirements is that the nature of the job requires the employee to be in constant movement. This is meant to facilitate proper working conditions with the others in the prospective organization. Karen has a Bachelor’s degree in Science Nursing, (BSN), which gives her an upper hand in the healthcare sector. Being well-educated in this sector enables her to understand medical terminology as well as make sense of any technological innovations that may come in the same line. For instance, the job needs someone who can protect the ethical approach to the responsibilities that the job presents. Her background in BSN provides an excellent chance to hire the best consultant as her background is diverse. Additionally, she states that she has been employed in various organizations, meaning that she has a good foundation from the first-hand experience in similar positions. Observably, the candidate would easily fit into the position due to her vast exposure.

Another essential quality stated in Karen’s resume is that she is flexible enough to move around with few or no hindrances. At the same time, she is available to work for long hours, making her an invaluable asset in the quest to improve the sales division. The decision to hire her is based on the argument that for a company to make good sales on a global scale, there must be a strong consultant. Most importantly, being able to travel whenever one is as needed is a critical characteristic to possess in consultancy (Kaplan & Obojski, 2017). Essentially, most consultants are unable to perform to their level best due to the limitations that their lifestyles. However, it is impressing to have someone who claims to be in a position to do so with much ease.

In summary, various factors have made Karen Comfort the best candidate for this job as the consultant for the sales team. Among her many qualifications, she is a graduate in the nursing profession, giving her an upper hand in medical jargon. At the same time, she is flexible and can easily travel when needed, which is one of the requirements of the said profession. In the same light, she has worked for M.D.s, D.O.s, and hospital administrators, which has exposed her to a sufficient medical terminology base. The candidate also demonstrates confidence in her skills and ability to operate in the said industry. In reality, the global market is a large playfield that requires confidence and the zeal to push hard regardless of the environment. Consequently, none of the other candidates has a combination of the qualifications that Karen has and that makes her the best for the position.


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