Predictor Testing - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-12-25
Predictor Testing - Essay Sample
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An organization needs to conduct predictor tests before hiring their employees. They help determine if the employees are fit for the job position available and have any other undesirable characteristics that can hinder them from performing their daily operations. Bad behavior can be categorized as counterproductive work behavior (Gatewood et al., 2015). One of the tests that can be used by the organization is the polygraph testing. The testing measures the physiological response that accompanies an individual's verbal response to the questions asked directly (Stewart & Brown, 2019). A lie detector machine is used to evaluate the truthfulness of the past and present behaviors of the respondents. The testing is essential in the guest services representative section and the front/back office supervisor because they are the organization's face. A customer will prefer being served by an employee who has a good record (Arthur, 1994).

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Integrity testing is essential to all job positions. N organization will prefer to hire an employee to hire integrity rather than an individual with low integrity. The method is commonly used in many organizations to identify predisposed applicants to engage in counterproductive behaviors. All the applicants in the three-job position should undergo the testing. Drug testing is another essential testing that should be conducted in determining a suitable employee for the available job position (Sonnenstuhl & Trice, 2018). It involves identifying if the candidates are associated with using drugs that can affect their job performance. The testing should be carried to all the job positions to avoid injuries during the working period, especially for the housekeepers engaged in physical activities.

Drug Testing

In every nation, law governs the pre-employment test to the organization's candidates and employees to ensure they are fir for their jobs. The candidates are tested to check their alcohol levels and any other drug abuse. However, an organization has to formulate a policy that regulates the testing, and the policies must abide by the state law (Albrecht et al., 2015). Some countries do not have the law that governs the testing, and hence it is illegal to conduct the testing. In the United States, federal and state laws govern the process (Cascio, 2015). For Sleep Tight Inn to perform the testing, they are expected to consider the law that guides the process. The law does not encourage selective testing to some employees by the organization, allowing them to conduct their tests randomly.

I recommend Sleep Tight Inn to formulate a drug test policy that should be implemented in the organization. It will benefit in ensuring quality services to its customers and conforming to the law. It occurs by providing that the employees are competent and responsible for performing their duties. However, the policies might have drawbacks (Farabee et al., 2014). The employees might feel that their private life has meddled, and they are not trusted. It might result in a negative attitude to the organization.


For an organization to successfully achieve its strategic goals, the human resource management should employ a competent and right team for the available job position. It promotes professionalism and effective policy formulation (Verstraete & Verstraete, 2011). Sleep Tight Inn has been experiencing a problem in its human resource management. The human resource manager is perceived to have challenges in making a competent decision concerning the company. For the drug testing activity to be successful and effective to the organization, Sleep Tight Inn should have a competent human resource management. Therefore, my recommendation is to hire a human resource manager, formulate and implement human resource policies that govern the organization, and conduct regular employee training to increase their competency.


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