Post-Project Reviews with a Dissatisfied Customer - Essay Example

Published: 2023-08-27
Post-Project Reviews with a Dissatisfied Customer - Essay Example
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The planning, scheduling, monitoring, and termination of a project may result in either successful completion or failure. In most cases, the post-project review is carried out as the last task in the project, the process is designed to find and detail the problems that occurred during the project and possible solutions to address the challenges (Sarmiento et al., 2017). This post-project review aims to address the issues raised by a dissatisfied customer upon completion of a transportation hub project by our organization.

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In overall terms, the outsourcing arrangement is fit for purpose since the project's delay was due to unavoidable circumstances like adverse weather and not due to our organization’s logistics. The implementation failed to meet the business's requirements because the customer was much dissatisfied with the project. However, the business requirements for the business case were completed later than expected. As such, the implementation dramatically failed to meet the client's expectations as the project's delay led to the client missing critical business opportunities.

I would handle the grievances of the client through capitalizing on areas of agreement and not differences. This will facilitate the development of solutions that appeal to both parties while resolving the conflict (Elhag et al., 2020). In this case, the customer is likely to make a compensable claim since the delay in the project has contributed to the loss of business opportunities.

Numerous challenges often characterize project control. For instance, it is very demanding to work with a broad team during a project; the manager must be keen on ensuring the team's accountability and competency (Klakegg, 2016). Also, dealing with project risks is another challenge. In most cases, the project manager needs to have an elaborate contingency plan in case of an unexpected drawback.

In a typical project, the frequent briefs are useful in ensuring that the team involved in the project is continuously motivated. Nonetheless, the regular briefs create an excellent platform for the project manager to listen to the challenges experienced by the team during the project before they affect the project (Sarmiento et al., 2017). It is also possible to perform an adequate follow-up of the project through the frequent briefs because of the team's consistent reports.

According to the talent triangle, it takes more than just technical skills to establish an outstanding and competitive organization. Thus, technical skills have to be combined with other skills like leadership and strategic and business management. Also, it is crucial to understand how the different set of skills complement each other. For example, good problem-solving skills will translate to the business realizing most of its goals.


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