Free Essay. My Idea of Perfect Happiness

Published: 2023-04-19
Free Essay. My Idea of Perfect Happiness
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My idea of perfect happiness is in a well neat family that is full of harmony and togetherness. A family where people value relationships and respect one another. I am a peacemaker, and any chaotic situation in families destabilizes me. I am glad I have grown up in a family where respect and peace come first. I want to have a family where my spouse will be my support system, and my children complete our happiness. Happiness, to me, is when everyone in the family is free to express themselves regardless of their situation, whether bad or weird. My idea of perfect happiness is when I can count on everyone in my family by having a second thought when I am in a difficult situation. I am perfectly happy when in a family where love is the string that binds everyone, and betrayal and malice are unheard of.

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My greatest fear

My greatest fear in life has always been heights. Ever since I was a small child climbing of any place that could make me feel that I am somewhere far away from the ground was a deal-breaker to me. I remember the first time I used an elevator; my whole day was ruined as the feeling of the lift moving up and going further and further from the ground could not leave my mind. I was extremely scared that I kept on grabbing the hem of my mother's dress even after exiting the lift. I did not want to imagine we were on the eleventh floor of a building because looking down from the window was like a death sentence to me. Heights have always created a bad feeling in me as it makes me think of death or danger when I am up in a building or any place that is close to the ground. When I was in elementary school, I could see other children swinging in a merry-go-round and could not standing watching them for five minutes because I could imagine them falling and breaking their legs and arms. The teacher thought I feared the speed, but I explained to her that I have a fear of being in a high place where I can see the ground being far away. As I grew up, I thought the feeling could go away, but it intensified.

The trait I deplore most in others

The trait that I deplore most in others is lies. I have been brought up knowing that regardless of a situation that I am in, I should never lie. When I see people lying, I am greatly offended because it is a habit that I grew up knowing it is bad and causes harm to others. My mother always told me God hates lies, and no one should be deceitful even when they are in great trouble. She always quoted the old saying, "tell the truth, and the truth will set you free." I have seen people lie, and they make others be trouble or even depriving them of their rightful position in a given scenario. I prefer a person to speak the truth that is harsh because, in the long run, no one will face injustice. Liars also end engaging in other vices that such as bribery and other forms of corruption. When I realize a person close to me lies a avoid them and eventually cut them off form circle. I have developed a belief that when a person lies, they do respect the person or people they are lying to. In this regard, every person who lies to me does not give me any respect at all.

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