Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among Military Veterans, Free Essay

Published: 2022-02-21
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder among Military Veterans, Free Essay
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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental disorder that is triggered when a person experiences or witnesses a terrifying event. The illness is mostly among the military veterans because of the horrifying encounters they experience while in battle. Ex-members of the military show the symptoms of PTSD like flashbacks, severe anxiety, nightmares, low concentration, aggressiveness, as well as having destructive behaviors like too much drinking and driving at high speed. As seen in the discussion of this paper, PTSD affects veterans in their attempt of being part of the community; therefore, nurses ought to use counseling as the best intervention in assisting them to be successful people in the society.

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PTSD impacts veterans negatively as they attempt to become part of society. The disorder leads to the development of destructive behaviors like too much drinking. Ex-members of the armed forces having PTSD become alcoholics and unproductive in the community (Peeples, Havrilla, & Romero, 2018). Ex-military officers become a burden to society, especially, immediate family members. The other impact of PTSD is the inability to stay at peace with other people because of anger and hostility. People who have PTSD are usually hostile and angry; these symptoms causes' veterans with the disorder to have poor relationships with other members of the community. The outcome is a failure to stay at peace with family members leading to incidences of divorce (Possemato et al., 2017). Therefore, because of destructive behaviors like too much drinking coupled with signs of anger and hostility, veterans with PTSD have had it challenging to become part of the community.

Counseling, also referred to as psychotherapy is one of the nursing interventions for use in the treatment and management of veterans having PSTD. The intervention is a psychological therapy involving a talk between the nurse and the veteran with PTSD (Peeples et al., 2018). The nurse assists the ex-military officer on how to cope up with stress developed from the experiences of the battlefield. The caregiver provides coping strategies such as stress inoculation training. Such actions assist the patient to forget trauma-related feelings and thoughts (Possemato et al., 2017). Through counseling, veterans having PTSD restructure their lifestyles, behaviors, beliefs, and start to become successful people in the community


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