Biography Essay Example: Frank Aloysius Barrett and John F. Kennedy

Published: 2022-06-20
Biography Essay Example: Frank Aloysius Barrett and John F. Kennedy
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Frank Aloysius Barrett was an important figure in the American history. He was born in a family of eight in Omaha, Nebraska and his parents were Patrick J. Barret and Elizabeth A. Curran Barrett. His paternal grandparents moved from Ireland to the united states. He joined Creighton University and studied science and law as well as working a delivery operative at the same time. Afterwards, he joined the Balloon Corps of the United States Army during the World War 1 for a two- year deployment.

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In 1922 to 1934, he acted as county attorney for Niobrara where practice his law degree. He worked for Senate from 1933 up to 1935, vied for state office in 1936 but lost to Paul Greever. In 1942, Barrett stood and won for Congress serving up to 1950. He was voted in as governor in 1951 and resigned in 1953 after he was voted to the united states senate in 1952. He was the only Wyomingite who had the privilege to serve both houses as a congressman and governor. His political career lasted for thirty years.

In May 21st, 1919, Barrett wedded Alice Catherine Donoghue and moved to Lusk, Wyoming. She bore him four children, a daughter dying at early stages. Catherine became his partner in most of his public life. In February 1956 she died of cancer. He later remarried to Augusta K. Hogan widow of the late William E. Hogan together from Lusk. He involved himself in many aspects of community life. He partnered with Frank Brooks in a sheep ranch in 1933 which helped foster into a strong enterprise. He was active in the oil industry in Niobrara County. He inspired lawmaking of a farm-to-farm structure of road and rail network in Wyoming. In 30th may 1962, Frank Barrett passed away after being diagnosed with leukaemia and was buried in Lusk.


John F. Kennedy was the thirty-fifth head of the United States. He became the first head of state to touch the moon over the state's astronomical curriculums. After Theodore Roosevelt, he became the foremost head of state the youth could recognize as he made the nation view itself differently. Brookline, Massachusetts, was his birthplace on May 29, 1917. He was the lad to Joseph P. Kennedy and Rose Fitzgerald who were the multibillionaire commercial administrators and financer.

During the period of 1930 and 1931, Kennedy joined the Institute of Canterbury parochial and the graduate school of Choate between 1931to 1935. He was frequently sick during his young age and used up most of his time reading. In 1935, he joined Princeton University however he withdrew due to the illness. He later went Harvard University after recovery and majored in administrative and global affairs. After advancing from Harvard, he enrolled in the United States military. He became an intelligence brigadier in Washington D.C. He later asked for active responsibility in the sea after the attack occurrence by the Japanese on Pearl Harbor.

Returning to civil life, Kennedy became an aspirant of House of Representatives for the United States from the Massachusetts Eleventh congressional district in 1946. He won the elections to the house again in 1948 and 1950. He won a seat for Senate in 1952 against Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. and was re-elected back to Senate in 1958. In January 1960, Kennedy officially announced to run for office as the commander in chief of the United States. On November 9, 1960, he became the president. He wedded to Jacqueline Lee Bouvier on September 12, 1953, with whom they had three kids. On November 22, 1963, John F. Kennedy was assassinated.


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