Creative Writing Essay Sample. Youtopia, the World of the Future: Transparancy, Initiative, Imagination

Published: 2022-08-23
Creative Writing Essay Sample. Youtopia, the World of the Future: Transparancy, Initiative, Imagination
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1. A well-described system of the government: how it oversees, regulates, or controls some or all aspects of life

Youtopia is a unitary democratic state which is ruled by the Centesimal Council. It is a body of 100 representatives elected in 100 districts. 75 among them are elected for 4 years, while 25 representatives are elected for a longer period of 5 years so that there could be no disfunction during the election period. The elections are held on a rotating basis. All of the representatives are legally obliged to pass a general knowledge test, a creativity and problem-solving test, and have their emotional intelligence tested too every year of their work in the Council. All the representatives need to attend professional development courses and field trips to different areas of the country. It is a rule that representatives are paid exactly the same amount of money as a teacher in the average educational institution in Youtupia. It is an absolute must for all of them to be present at all the meeting and sessions of the Council. The legislative power appoints the members of the executive body. The executive body consists of the heads of departments, there is no single leader here. The executive body is responsible for selecting candidates for the judicative authority who are approved and appointed by the legislative branch. The budget is planned out and approbated by the legislative power, yet the executive branch has a direct access to it. The distribution of the budget funds is strictly controlled by the computer-operated system. In addition to that, every citizen is registered in the "Common Wellbeing" program which encourages people to be pro-active in terms of political and social improvement. Citizens are offered to take part in various polls and also to send in their questions and prepositions on a daily basis. The data collected is processed by the Council IT department and analyzed by the representatives each Monday, which is generally known as a Feedback day. On Monday evening, the Council publishes a document which includes answers to the most popular questions as well as steps taken to solve the most urgent problems.

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2. A thorough descriptions of how media is used and experienced in your world. This includes social media, print media (newspapers an magazines, eversions or paper versions or both) broadcast media (radio and tv) or other kinds of media you invent.

In Youtopia television has been banned as a harmful instrument of brainwashing. Different social networks have been integrated into one YouNet, so that people do not waste any more time switching between Facebook, Instagram, and others. YouNet accepts only real-name accounts. YouNet also has a very strict 3P policy: the key principles of it include Privacy, Politeness, and Peace. All comments breaking the 3P rules are checked by the YouNet security system, if found potentially harmful, they are commented upon by the 3P experts who explain to the author and the other users what is wrong with the message and what could be an alternative way of expressing the same idea. If the idea is found potentially harmful, a public discussion is initiated in which the author of the comment is obliged to participate. Newspapers, magazines, and the radio are still enjoyed by many people as a form of a hobby. There are special 'Traditional Media Clubs' where citizens can gather to enjoy their favoirite media and discuss them with their fellows. Since television was banned, YA (YouAct) has become immensely popular. It is a medium that unites VR, amateur acting and social networks. YouAct allows people to act out their favorite books and take part in their favorite movies together with their friends, family members and other people from all over the world using VR equipment. YA is an incredible medium that has helped solve many psychological problems connected with self-representation and communication difficulties. It has also revived the love of reading.

3. a description of a system of education, K-12 and college/university including school start and end times, the design of classrooms, and the use of technology in the classroom, subjects taught, ect

Youtopia has endorsed a system of life-long learning within which there is no division into kindergartens, schools and colleges/universities. In Youtopia, it is never too late or too early to learn. There are specialized learning centers around the country where project-based learning is taking place. There is also no clear subject division, so, music can be taught together with science while history is taught along with drama. Education is centered around thematic modules, e.g. "Self-care skills," "Politeness and tolerance," "Family and country budget," "Creative film-making," "Scientific foundations of optimism" and so on. Students of all ages pass a KIT (knowledge and inclination test) on the basis of which they receive recommendations on what modules to attend. There are morning, afternoon, evening and night study groups. Most of the learning takes place at home while students gather in the classrooms to discuss their ideas over a cup of coffee. The classroom looks like a huge open-space combination of a coffee-shop, a library, a laboratory and a cozy hostel room with all kinds of arm-chairs, sofas, and mats on which you can sit or lie while discussing the material with your group-mates. The learning outcome of every module is always a project, an exhibition, a presentation, a film, an application.

4. A description of the sports that are played in your utopia. Feel free to invent a sport or modify an existing sport.

In Youtopia most people stay fit by consciously observing their body and breathing during the day. This practice is taught to children from the earliest possible age. Yoga is immensely popular but it is an enlightening practice rather than a sports activity. Widespread kinds of sport are swimming, walking, hiking, climbing, paragliding, rafting, and all other activities that celebrate the unity of the man and nature. Every week at work people are given one additional day off on which they go out together with their family members, friends and co-workers to engage in outdoor activities in the nearby natural preserves. Teamsports also enjoy wide popularity. To make the experience less traumatizing and dangerous, soccer, football, rugby etc. are played from home using VR equipment. Every multi-apartment building has a sports hall equipped with VR constumes that can be used by any resident. Such halls can also be found in hotels, restaurants, schools and other public places.

5. A description of some of the jobs and careers people pursue and perform in your world. Feel free to invent jobs

Youtopian government supports the citizens' desire to work and enjoy what they are doing, the key principle being "Love works." It is a common belief that only when a person follows his passion he is able to work productively and produce a result from which the society can benefit. This is why career counseling is provided to citizens of all ages. Career counselors are encouraged to wear their green uniform at all times so that other people can easily recognize and approach them at any time of the day. Children can work too as their creative potential is utilized to optimize urban processes. CCEs, child creativity experts, are people whose job is talking and listening to children, playing games with them and gathering their suggestions which are analyzed and applied to improve common wellbeing. Another important job is a Gooli, a good listener. Goolis' responsibility is listening to other people talking about their problems, doubts, fears, and hopes. Goolis are very well-paid because their work is very hard and requires immense patience and compassion. Yet, introducing this position has solved many psychological problems, reduced the level of domestic violence, and seriously enhanced public happiness. A public happiness expert (a puha expert) is another job that has been introduced in Youtopia. Puha experts monitor the levels of public joyfulness. If it decreases, puha experts encourage the citizens to jump into fountains, provide them with intricate soap-bubble devices, arrange stand-up comedy flashmobs, cake-throwing parties and other mood-lifting activities. The work of puha experts is highly respected both by the state and the citizens as these people have helped society conquer many illnesses and significantly improve the overall health.

6. A description of how food is produced and distributed. Include what people like to eat and what restaurants are like in your utopia.

In Youtopia people have defied hunger and conqured it by introducing a compulsory system of balanced, sustainable and healthy mass catering for all members of the society. It includes mineral salts, organic oils, buckwheat, chia seeds etc. The menu is unified for the whole country but it can be modified according to the changes prescribed by the individual's personal physician. Ingredients such as vegetables and fruit are often dehydrated to enhance the taste. Extremely nutritious seaweed species have replaced meat. They are grown on huge seaweed farming platforms in the ocean. Milk products are still popular, especially Bulgarian yogurt, which is enriched with many specialized types of bacteria depending on the individual needs of the consumer. There is also a compulsory app which controls how well hydrated your body is.

Most people eat at work or in their learning centers, but those who stay at home due to various reason have fresh food delivered on a daily basis, so, there is no need to cook unless people want to. Food is delivered in special recycleable containers which can also be eaten with ketchup or used as organic fertilizers for tiny private gardens that most people have. These gardens occupy a separate room or a terrace. People grow plants that can be dried and used as spices, aromatherapy or home decor. As most Youtopians do not have a chance to cook at home, they often arrange cooking parties for their friends. There are also cooking fairs where all the participants have free access to a large variety of ingredients and can cook whatever they want on the spot, share food with other visitors, or donate it to the food charity. Restaurants are still very popular, but the concept itself has changed. Restaurants are now places to raise awareness of how food is produced. They are designed to turn a visit to a restaurant into a real culinary journey where at both digital and natural demonstration stands you can see how the ingredients are grown, the crop is gathered and processed, the food is cooked. The visitors can try their hand at cooking too: cooking masterclasses are part of the restaurant routine. All jobs in the food industry are highly prestigious. Public-awareness campaignes are continuously held to inform people of the benefits of the existing catering system.

7. A description of what military or police force is in place and the role they play.

Another prestigious job is a police officer. Police officers are called personal safety assistants and personal safety managers now. The safety of the state and its citizens is ensured and regulated by superintelligent computers which process data gathered by a massive surveillance system. Personal data are strictly protected and personal safety managers are involved only in the disputable cases. Personal safety assistants work with the citizens giving inspiring talks on safety rules in the offices, schools, hospitals and other public places. When attending these talks citizens can ask questions and suggest improvements which are mandatorily reviewed by the officials. All public places are equipped with powerful scanners that check for harmful substances and weapons.

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