Essay Sample on Appraisal System

Published: 2023-03-02
Essay Sample on Appraisal System
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Question 1: Pros and Cons of Egan's Performance Measurement Tool

Egan's current performance tools and the process has various pros and cons. One of the most outstanding appraisal tools, which is Egan's major pro, is the ranking method in which the management ranks its employees in five categories that are superior-top 10 percent very good, 20 percent good-middle, 40 percent fair-lower, poor- lower 10 percent. This tool is very motivating to the employees, and no formal complaint has been registered regarding salary promotions decisions, which make it very efficient in this particular organization.

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The major con of this ranking system is that the sales representatives are not comfortable with ranking employees to the 'fair' and 'poor' categories. The low ranking for the employees may be a huge demeanor for the least ranked ones. This demonization may, in the end, affect their overall performance and prospects in the industry.

Question 2: Best Performance Appraisal System

The most preferred appraisal system that appears to be best for the sales representative is the standard mixed scale. This is a trait approach to performance-based on the comparison (equal to, better than or worse, too) a standard. I believe that this is the best method because it describes the employee's performance in detail and compares it to a standard that the employee that it is supposed to meet. The behavioral method I would recommend is the behavioral observation scale, which is also based on critical incidents to measure the frequency of occurrence each behavior has been observed. The resulting method I would recommend is the management by objectives, which includes the establishment of clear objectives for the sales representative, an action plan for the set objectives, then the implementation of the action plan.

Question 3: The Benefits of Mixed Standard Scale

This approach is best for Eagan's because it promotes objectivity, paves the way for two-way feedback and inspires the improvement of the performance of the employee via motivation. It is a transformational approach towards improving the overall bearing of the organization for the better (Mohrman & Lawler, 2017).

Question 4: The Suggested Performance Standard For Evaluation At Egan's'

One performance standard I would evaluate at Egan's is courtesy and patience to customers. This is because the company is losing its reputation due to the quality of service rendered by the sales representatives. This is prompted by some of the employees beating up the clientele to make a sale, despite the training. The attitude that the salesperson's trajectory to the customer determines the ease with which they would come back to get the same services. If the customers feel that they are not cared for, they will seek alternative service providers (Mohrman & Lawler, 2017).

Question 5: Two Major Recommendations for Egan's.

My recommendation for Egan's is that they should incorporate employee self- evaluations as a fragment of their reviews. This is important as it establishes more independent workers who do not require hands-on supervision. Self- review will be important to clarify to the management their challenges and accomplishments. Guidelines for this self-evaluation should be provided to make sure that they provide useful information. This might be very useful in identifying the source of some problems such as the increased loss and damage of merchandise, lapse in customer service and also by allowing employees to review the management's assessment once the written appraisals are complete and walking them through that particular appraisal may go a long way to work out or address any discrepancies between the assessment and self-evaluation.


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