Post Graduate Plan Essay Example

Published: 2022-06-24
Post Graduate Plan Essay Example
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As a little child, my friends and I had several discussions on what we would be when we grow up. Most of my friends talked about being teachers because of their admiration for our teachers, some talked about being engineers, while other wanted to be nurses, just like me. When playing together, I often assumed the role of the school nurse when my friends who aspired to be teachers taught. Caregiving was my way of life; I loved taking care of others. I was very sure that is what I wanted. However, none of us ever thought of how to get to be what we wanted to be. We went through the elementary school together, having fun as little children, then through the middle school without being much worried about our grades. It is in high school that we realized the importance of grades and their effects on the college choices as well as our career path. In high school, I started thinking of the type of college I needed to join to ensure I get the best education that would make me professional nurse.

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Today, I look back, and all I see is a success. Nonetheless, the fire is not yet off; I still feel I need to do more, to achieve more in the field. Thus, after my graduation, I am now looking forward to continuing perfecting my professional as well as leadership skills. These skills would be vital in introducing new strategies and technologies in my department which would, in turn, stimulate progress in my nursing profession. Therefore my post-graduate plan entails getting involved in the community services to give back to the less fortunate, helping the junior nurses in developing their careers, and ensuring that the systems used within the health care facility in which I work are current (Rafferty, Xyrichis & Caldwell, 2015). Community services are always very important as it helps to provide services to the citizens who cannot afford to get the basic health care for some reasons. These services are also important as they will give me the opportunity to have a one on one interaction with the citizens to teach them about the basic life skills and healthcare tips.

In line with the main goal of Doctor of Nursing Practice, the interaction with the community will be fundamental to my clinical practice as it will be vital in taking measurements of the patients outcomes and eventually lead to the transformation of the healthcare sectors by using the data collected during these services to improve quality and safety in the healthcare facilities. Interaction with the community will also be key to understanding their problems and challenges which would then be compiled and prompt my team to search for appropriate solutions aimed at betting their lives (Ellis, 2016).). The community will also provide a ready sample group for undertaking research which would enable me to write papers, deliver presentation and posters, and attend conferences related to the problems they are facing. The problems and challenges of the community will greatly help in engaging me to and prompting me to undertake continuous research and be updated on the current literature as well as the ongoing research reviews (Dickerson, 2010). My passion for caregiving will also help me develop a close personal relationship with the patients which would, in turn, give me an upper hand in the professional as well as political platforms.


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