Anna Reid's Critique - Free Essay Sample

Published: 2017-12-11
Anna Reid's Critique - Free Essay Sample
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Art is the ability to express what you feel without actually saying it. It is projecting your deepest feelings, fears, and thoughts on a piece of paper without necessarily attaching words to the same. Those who are lucky enough to discern and appreciate art understand it and that is why they will spend fortunes on paintings and drawings. Similarly, those who are lucky enough to be born artists will tell you that there is nothing they would rather be doing than filling the world with beautiful and creative drawings. Yes, I said it, because artistry is not something that is learnt or acquired but rather something inborn. Of course, there are artists who are attain this skill through practice but as much as practice makes perfect, you can always tell a born artist. It is a skill that comes naturally and Anna Reid is one of them.

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It is hard, almost impossible to pass by the Kevin Haas exhibit without recognizing her silhouettes. The funny thing is that no matter how many times I see it, it never grows old, it is like I see it for the first time each time. She speaks of her love for expressing art in monochrome which I initially thought was quite off as the whole essence of art is to come up with something conspicuous and the best way to attain this is by the use of color. However, the content of her work makes everyone question their knowledge about art. Her silhouettes are so vivid and eye-catching and something that fellow artists can borrow a leaf from; let alone those who know nothing about art like me. For the rest, she gives them something to look at and makes us all realize that art is not what you see, but rather what you make others see.

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