Free Essay Example on the American Dream

Published: 2023-01-23
Free Essay Example on the American Dream
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The dream entails the ideals that were promised in the declaration of independence and consolidated in the constitution about life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness but in personal terms, There is no one American dream but American dreams. The American dream is relative to everyone in American because even though everyone seeks a better, richer and fuller America, these terms are not only tied to money but all other aspects of America including religious transformation, political reforms, educational attainment, and sexual expression.

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Personal Interest in The American Dream

The decision to enroll in this class was driven by my personal dream, a multifaceted dream. Everyone has a different American dream of freedom including religious freedom, political freedom as promised in the declaration, as well as the dream of upward mobility embodied in the future of president Abraham Lincoln. I have a dream of one day owning a home and live in a country defined by equality as was defined by Martin Luther King, Jr. I am not into this class to gain fame but to one day have the fortune through my effort because I believe that American dream depends on one's effort, ingenuity, strength, and skill (Cullen, 2004). The dreams should be achievable but unless the values and structures proposed by the framers are put in place, the American dream will forever remain achieves for a select few whose social, economic, ethnic, or gender favors. My dream of America is consistent with those dreams envisioned by the framers to be a land of the free where people can achieve their dreams within the confines of the law

Inconsistencies Between the Promises Contained in The Dream and Personal Story

There are many inconsistencies between the promises in the dream and my story. I have witnessed a situation where the ideals that were expressed in the declaration of independence are breached and the values that were consolidated in the constitution completely ignored (Cullen, 2004). There are instances when classism is overtly expressed to the chagrin of the minority groups. America is still not a land of the free as the political freedoms are trampled and unemployment is still high. Equality is still an elusive dream despite the numerous reforms. The American dream was a promise which is yet to be achieved. The inconsistencies call for personal compromise by reedifying one's dream. Personal fulfillment in contemporary America calls for some compromise on the part of the dreamer. For example, one is forced to relinquish some dreams to achieve some dream considering the race wars, gender discrimination at work, sexual discrimination in the society and lack of employment, and proper housing.

The Inconsistencies Are Not Minor

These inconsistencies are not minor but the dream should not be let go. It is these dreams that make people go out to work, push for reforms, go to school, struggle to own properties. It is impossible to achieve the dream of a better, richer, and hipper life if the dream is not validated. The dream may be elusive but there are a few people who have attained their dream and still not feel the satisfaction and fulfillment. New dream emerges every day because it is human nature to dream and admire a better life than the present (Cullen, 2004). The keyword for the inconstancies between the dream and the premise is equality in employment opportunities, access to resources and legal rights. This way, everyone would have a leveled ground where they can apply their effort to achieve these dreams (Cullen, 2004). The framers did not envision American where everything is given on a silver platter but America where everyone has an opportunity to work hard and achieve their dreams.


Cullen, J. (2004). The American Dream: A Short History of an Idea that Shaped a Nation (3rd ed.). Oxford [England]: Oxford University Press.

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