Free Essay Sample: Independence of the Air Force

Published: 2022-02-23
Free Essay Sample: Independence of the Air Force
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Security is one of the most sensitive issues in many countries in the world. The governments of respective nations, therefore, bear the burden of ensuring that there is security in their countries. These governments also have the responsibility of protecting their citizens together with their properties. As a result, several strategies are put in place to ensure that the governments play the security role as necessary. Some of the plans that most governments put in place to provide adequate security for their people and property are crucial. They include the formation of security organs such as the police forces as well as the military forces (Ehrhard, 2010). Each of these organs has its responsibilities duly stipulated. For instance, the military authorities have a role of protecting the countries from external aggressions; the police forces maintain internal security as well as keeping law and order. In the military, several branches are formed to assist in securing the relevant countries. In other countries such as the US, they have branches of military forces such as the navy, land forces and air forces (Ehrhard, 2010). Each of these branches plays a distinct role in providing security for the country. The air force of the US is an independent branch formed under some fundamentals captured in this paper.

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The US air wing is among the seven military organs in America. Its role is to protect the American space and to conduct space attacks to the enemies. The air force branch was formed in 1907 as part of the armed forces of USA (Lewis, 2013). However, the American securities act of 1947, which was enacted in 1947, provided that the air force is an independent arm of the American army (Lewis, 2013). Therefore this act was the most fundamental ground on which the air force wing of the American army was formed. The air force is the youngest of the military branches in America (Lewis, 2013).

Additionally, it is the fourth wing in the hierarchy of priority in the military forces of America. It is imminent to understand that this is the largest branch with the most sophisticated military technology in the world. The technology is to enable this unit to discharge its obligations in an excellent way to ensure the safety of America's space. Its roles include space surveillance, airstrikes, among other security-related operations.

Why Air Forces are Independent

There are several reasons why the air force is independent. Some of the ideas were due to reorganization, expansion, command systems as well as legislations. All these are fundamental reasons why the Americans found it essential to have an independent air force (Ehrhard, 2010). These separations from other military branches brought several benefits to the security of the US. Some of the benefits include proper command systems which aid in space missions, adequate staffing, as well as coordination in the service.

Air forces in many nations which have the branch such as Britain, America, Russia and other countries have this wing independent. The air forces are usually independent wings as they serve a specialized role (Ehrhard, 2010). Their role makes it worthwhile to remain separate from other military groups, and they also need independent funding as a way of maintaining the dedicated airstrike. In the past, the air forces acted as subordinate units of the national armies, for instance in the British Royal Flying Corps (Philpott, 2013). This was a British unit; the United States of America's air wing was also a subordinate wing in the American national army in the second war of the world (Lewis, 2013). This insubordination of these forces had several challenges as the effects seemed as the subordinate of the existing national armed forces. Following the nature of their missions where they are expected to fight from the air, this wing should have specialized equipment in addition to what the other part of the military has. Therefore, more funding to get more jets and planes would not have been possible when this wing under the national army.

The air forces, unlike other forces such as the navy and the land forces have a broader scope of the mission. The air forces can conduct strikes from the air to assist the navy and the land forces (Ehrhard, 2010). Therefore this wing is critical in the security of a country as it can get involved in any mission. Additionally, compared to the navy, every nation has an air force wing, unlike the navy, which is only present in countries that have access to massive water bodies. Therefore, this wing is universal and may need special attention.

An independent air force also provides a room for an expansive and autonomic wing to promote, expand and to be more effective due to the scope of their missions. While acting as a subordinate wing of the national military, the room for its expansion would be limited. This would reduce its efficiency, halting its missions considering the nature of the missions bestowed upon them. As an independent wing, it is easier to institute new command systems that may be necessary due to its expansive nature. It also brought to an end the rising administrative division conflicts. These conflicts were happening in the national army over the command structures and control aviation structures.

Fundamental Reasons why Air Forces are Independent

There are various reasons why air forces across the world are separate. Some of these reasons include legislation that the parliament pass allowing the wing to remain independent. Some of these legislations have been applied in countries such as the United States of America. They were enacted through the passage of the American's 1947 act. This law was enacted in 1947 provided that the US air wing is an independent arm of the American army (Lewis, 2013). Legislations are some of the most fundamental reasons for the independence of the air forces. Once legislation is passed, it takes effect immediately, and every government ensures that it does what the law demands. Such rules have also been adopted in other countries such as Britain. These are the countries which require the air force to remain independent and not as it was as a subordinate of the national army where it was known as the British Royal Flying Corps (Philpott, 2013).

Another reason why the air forces are independent is the need for expansion of the branch. The air force is every country most crucial chapter of the military as it assists in all operations, including the naval and land activities. Airstrikes are critical in fighting enemies that attack on the ground and in the waters. Therefore, the air force needs to have more staffs as well as more equipment and technology to aid them in all their missions. To be in a position to handle and facilitate funding of such a branch, it is more comfortable when it is independent and not under another organ. The air force needs different equipment from what the other departments need (Ehrhard, 2010). The air force wing needs all sorts of air vessels and weapons that the other branches may not need. The air force is, therefore, a sophisticated yet crucial military organ which plays a vital role in the security of a nation. Nearly all world countries have air forces in their military structure. Compared to other branches like the navy which may exist only in those countries that have abundant water bodies, this was also a reason why the air force needed to be independent.

Nevertheless, some of the reasons why air forces were made independent may be invalid in the current world. Some of the reasons such as expanding the force, the nature of their strikes, its importance and the fact that almost every state in the world has an air force wing in their military may not be good reasons any more. Although the air force is essential, all the other military arms are equally important as they engage in multidisciplinary approach whenever there is a war (Ehrhard, 2010). Each branch plays its part collaboratively to ensure that they achieve a common goal of defeating the enemy.

With the rising attacks, especially from terrorists, the majority of the countries are aiming at increasing the population of their military servicemen to assist in curbing terror attacks from other countries. It, therefore, provides the need of these states in expanding all the military branches and not only the air forces. Thus, the reason for developing the air force that was previously used in the argument of making the air force an independent wing of the military is challenged. All the other military arms are in critical need of equipment and expanding the number of staffs to ensure they defend their nations well. Therefore, the issue of developing the wing is not unilateral but cuts across all the other arms. Even though it was used as a criterion for setting the air force independent, it can no longer apply.

While we agree that the air forces do an excellent job as they assist the other branches in strikes from the air, we also appreciate that the different wings that play a vital role in the land and in the waters. If the air force were to maintain security for their countries from external enemies as a lone wing, it would fail. Therefore, this reason that was used in granting wing independence would not currently work. It would be rendered invalid as each branch of the military needs the other to keep their country safe successfully. Even though the air forces may be involved more than the separate wings.Conclusion

Security in the world is a vital role of the government, and all governments should ensure that they support their security organs to achieve one of the essential responsibilities. The independence of the air force is a good idea, but we must consider that all the other military branches are imperative and must not be devalued. They play a crucial role as well and need to be respected, and the necessary support from the government should be given to them. These organs must not be discriminated and should work collaboratively with their counterparts from the air force.


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