Essay Sample on Policy Analysis Framework: Alternative Policy

Published: 2023-01-19
Essay Sample on Policy Analysis Framework: Alternative Policy
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The central policy was the prohibition of alcohol use among the Indiana people. The success of the policy did not last for long before it led to other problems such as increased use of harmful, illegal alcohol which posed a threat of death among the consumers as well as the shift from alcohol consumption to increased use of drugs such as cocaine, heroin and many more. It was as a result of the failed attempts to completely eradicate the problem of drug and alcohol use in America that I made an alternative policy. The policy is known as Work Together to Save a Life Act.

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Objectives of The Alternative Policy

The main goals of the policy are to ensure that everyone in the United States learns the consequences and effects of drugs and alcohol use and this objective will be achieved by providing that lessons on the impact of drug and alcohol consumption are included in the school syllabuses. This will help in ensuring that people become aware of these drugs from a young age before they get to the young age where most of the youths get involved in drug and alcohol consumption as a result of peer pressure. Seminars as well as programs to enlighten the people on the effects and consequences of drug and alcohol use will also play an essential role in ensuring that most individuals across the country are aware of the results of drugs and alcohol consumption. The policy will also aim at providing that no bars and clubs are open during the day hence controlling the rate at which alcohol is consumed. Restricting the consumption of alcohol during the day will help people have time to work to support their families.

Values underlying the Work Together to Save a Life Act

The underlying values of the policy are participation and free will. Participation is the process by which people are involved in decision-making as well as in the implementation of a particular project or program that is meant to impact their lives. In our case, the problem that faces the Indiana people is alcohol and drug consumption, and to try to control or eradicate the problem, involving the people in the whole process is critical. The people will be included in the implementation of the act whereby everyone will be made aware of the effects of drug and alcohol consumption and will be required to adhere to the procedures and restrictions of the policy by informing them on the advantages of doing so. Participation enables people to feel part of the program or project; hence, they will do their best to ensure its success.

Free will, on the other hand, is related to participation and is defined as people's ability to think, choose and act voluntarily. Free will exists when every individual has the right to decide on whether they want to be part of the program aimed at solving the problem or not. Free will enables people to struggle to do the right things always unlike restrictions in which people like breaking the laws or doing what is restricted.

Results of enacting the Work Together to Save a Life Act

Once the Work Together to Save a Life Act is passed, it will take a short period to reduce the consumption of alcohol and drugs in America. The rate at which drugs and alcohol are consumed will reduce since people will start seeing that consuming these drugs and alcohol does not benefit them but affect them. People will stop using these drugs and drinks during the day; families will stand firm since family problems related to drunkards will reduce. Children will stop consuming drugs and alcohol, therefore, seriously focusing on their education. Generally, the problem will decrease and stop being a threat to the next generation of Indiana people.

The target of the Work Together to Save a Life Act

The target of the Work Together to Save a Life Act is the American people and more specifically, the Indiana people who are severely affected by the problem. The policy will ensure that it has reduced or controlled drug and alcohol consumption among the Indiana people to provide drug and alcohol use has stopped being a significant problem of concern in the region.

Opponents and Challenges of the Work Together to Save a Life Act

Bar owners, drug dealers and traffickers, Breweries as well as other individuals who associate themselves in the drug and alcohol businesses will be the first significant opponents of the act. They will be a challenge since they will try other ways in which they will incite drug and alcohol users to be against the law since when the policy is implemented, their businesses will collapse.


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