Paper Example: Pit bulls Should Not Be Banned in the United States

Published: 2023-08-22
Paper Example: Pit bulls Should Not Be Banned in the United States
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Different breeds of dogs are characterized by various physical and behavioral traits. Each of these different breeds is trained to do specific jobs like hunting, herding livestock, and even pet roles like helping in recovery from an illness. Pit Bulls descend from the original English bull-baiting dog that was trained to hold and bite larger animals such as bulls around the head. Due to their strong appearance, most people found a way to exploit the behaviors of these dogs for dog fights, and because of this, they became a representation of violence, drug culture, and gangs. It is widely believed that Pit bulls are more dangerous than others and are not bred to be kept safe. I firmly believe that Pit Bulls should not be outlawed in the United States because, like other good dogs, their traits depend on their owners and how they are trained.

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Firstly, Pit bulls are not born with a trait of fighting but instead trained by human beings to adapt to given commands. Unfortunately, some humans train the dogs with an aim for entertainment and to make a profit without caring what they are turning the animals into. Iliopoulos et al. delineate that dogs are labeled as a threat when humans train them who are dangerous (327). Pit bulls should not be outlawed; it is not fair to put these dogs to death or seized when their owners are the who make them dangerous.

Secondly, Pit bulls are not naturally dangerous and aggressive, and the ban would not be the solution to keep people safe. A significant concern is if the states will get more safe incase, all pit bulls are banned. What if they are banned, and a German shepherd attacks and kills a person? Does it mean that all German Shepherds will also have to be banned? According to American Veterinary Medical Association, the answer to these concerns is that there is no need to ban dog breeds, but rather, make sure they get responsible owners who take care of their temperaments and health.

Another reason why Pit bulls should not be banned is because they love and care for humans and are best for families. According to Iliopoulos, Pit bulls are gentle companions and are affectionate for both adults and children (327). The stereotyping of pit bulls as dangerous should not be the reason for the ban because the roles they play in families is significant. According to a story written by Enos on Time magazine, Pit bulls are described as family friends because they sometimes help children become stronger readers as they prefer to read to a dog.

According to Lowrey, one primary reason why some people believe that Pit bulls should be outlawed is that since the history of the United States, these dogs were bred to be aggressive (373). The dogs are born to fight and to tear, and thus it is in their trait. However, this is faulty reasoning dogs like humans take their characteristics from the environment they are raised.

Another common reason for pushing for the ban of Pit bulls in the united states is that the statistics of attacks are terrifying enough to permit a ban. According to, about 100 reported fatalities from dog bites and 55 are attributed to pit bulls. Thus, making these animals legal means that more deaths are likely to be reported. However, this reasoning is not sufficient because Pit bulls' wrong breeding history is the main reason for the violent behavior of these dogs.

In conclusion, Pit bulls should not be outlawed in the United States for many reasons, including the fact that they are not born aggressive and violent. Arguments based on the prevailing negative stereotypes and the number of fatal cases caused by these canines are biased and should base on the owners of these animals and how they raise them. Otherwise, Pit bulls, like other pet animals, are friendly, caring, and have right too to live free.

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